@eldang ooh I am very curious to read your thoughts. It's such a bizarre book that I read it twice. Did you see the review I posted at ? And then there's a long conversation I've been having with @gwenfar, my last post in which mentions a few kind of important plot points that I'm still confused by, starting at: . I don't think I have the stomach to read it again, but I can see why someone would.

@eldang yeah, I bookmarked your review to read soon! And maybe I'll make myself a bookwyrm account...

It definitely took over a year before I went back to it, but I also read really fast so I knew I had missed things. I had also read something similar right after so both stories got jumbled together. I'll have to check what the other one was again.

ableism, possible Blindsight spoilers 

@eldang ngl I didn't catch the ableism when I read it. I remember being uncomfortable with the maleness of the perspective but didn't catch that at all. But good point about how the author is either making a point poorly about it, or doesn't see their own prejudices... which, considering the title is also making the point poorly, I suppose.
I guess I mostly was reading for the tech, which was fascinating. I definitely remember being just as confused as you...

ableism, possible Blindsight spoilers 

@eldang ... about both the chronology of events, who was alive where, what that means, and what the deal with Rohrshach even was. So thank you for your explanation!

But I also very much agree with gwenfar that it's got some of the "hard" sci-fi elements that I really like elsewhere, but that just don't quite click with me here. I think it was the genocide that did it for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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