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The behavior described below is categorically disallowed on this Mastodon instance, spanner.works. Engaging in this behavior will result in the unceremonious termination of your account, following a pointed note from the administrator, making the termination sting all the more.

You may not post:

  • Content insulting or expressing a bias against a marginalized group, including but not limited to content that is racist, bigoted, misogynist, transphobic and/or homophobic, nor content that directly states or broadly implies that people of a certain body type, body size, skin color, country of origin, country of residence, sexual orientation or other characteristic are of less worth than others.
    • It is of course permissible to link to, quote or make reference to content to which the above criteria apply if the post itself containing such a link or reference is clearly not expressing or advocating those views, and for purposes of discussion. A properly labeled Content Warning is recommended for such content.
  • Content that actively encourages illegal behavior, or that promotes or aggrandizes violence, in word or in deed.
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