Also: I started psychiatric medication for anxiety and depression this week. This is my first foray into meds in over a decade, despite ongoing mental health struggles throughout my life. I am proud of myself for taking the steps to seek out help and try medication. If you can’t make your own neurotransmitters, it’s ok to take them in pill form!!

These days I am working on:

1) A totally fubar small irrigation dam in Wyoming.
2) A slightly iffy and languishing trio of midsize dams in Broomfield, CO.
3) A small private dam with a big leaky pipe problem in Conifer, CO.
4) Occasional forays into abandoned mine tunnels filled with orange goo.

Feel free to ask me questions about dams, geology and/or civil engineering! I love talking about my work.

Nightmare, nazis, animals and violence 

Nightmare, nazis, animals and violence 

Nightmare, nazis, animals and violence 

This weekend my daughters and I made Palisades peach cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting. I brought the leftovers to work. My coworkers have been showering me with gratitude and praise all day. 🤗😋🧁

brighten up or worsen my day with the 14th most recent pic in your camera roll.

don’t explain unless i ask you to, then repost this with the number i give you!

NO CHEATING (unless personal image)

Working with the EPA is simultaneously refreshing and teeth-gnashingly painful. Folks at my level: competent and mellow and jovial. Senior managers: political and exasperating.

Twitter: the world is fucked we’re all going to drown in the melt of a thousand glaciers something something JavaScript

Instagram: the sky sure is pretty kids are cute hey cats do the darnedest things


Our garden is fully fenced and half planted. This is a TREMENDOUS victory given the ceaseless attention needs and vocal capabilities of Sprogs the Elder and Younger.

Listening to The Decemberists’ “Hazards of Love” and remembering when making epic art felt relevant and cathartic instead of indulgent. How much of that is a change in our culture, how much a shift away from deeper meaning as we ostrich to avoid current events, and how much a side effect of growing older?

Either way fuck this apathy and lack of creativity. Time to use this 2000 square foot barn for some Big Crazy.

Where did Napoleon hide his armies?

In his sleevies.

Me after two 12-hour days in the field logging rock borings for a dam remediation project. I’m sunburned yet chilled (hence wearing insulated overalls at 3 pm), I’ve been away from my family for two long days, I’ve eaten potato chips and a tuna cracker kit for lunch, and my feet hurt. I’m also inspired and excited to learn a whole new state’s geology and beyond stoked that when the 4” solid flight auger sheared off on the last hole, the driller let me keep the remaining drill stem as a souvenir.

Tomorrow is my third day of a 3-day intensive workshop on dam and levee risk analysis.

Attendees are a mix of regulators, consultants, and a few owner reps. Probably 30% from CA, 40% from CO, the rest from all over the US. Almost all engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers. A very smart and dorky crowd! And a healthy number of women (maybe 20%?! High for my industry!)

My brain is full of acronyms, probability metrics, and visions of drastic, disastrous dam failures.

This morning I was absolutely enraptured and delighted by a freight train filled with windmill blades, gliding along parallel to my morning drive. (I promise I only took a few photos and drove carefully!)

Saturday morning at 8am and I’m at the office for MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) safety training. Fun times!

At least I have an excellent dirty chai ☕️ and a breakfast burrito 🌯!

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