I’ve been invited to a small (16 people) women in construction weekend retreat in July. The schedule includes meals at outdoor restaurants, round table discussions at outdoor conference space, operating heavy equipment outdoors, and one meal in a semi-enclosed restaurant. I would have to fly there to attend and stay in a hotel room. Thoughts? I’m inclined to go if case numbers keep going down, and if the attendees are smart about hygiene and distancing/masks.

Beans, beans, the musical beans
The more you beans, the more you beans
And the more you beans, the better you beans
So let's beans beans with every beans!

Cookies are delicious. I am an equal opportunity cookie enthusiast. There is no such thing as a bad cookie unless it’s stale. FIGHT ME BY MAILING ME INFERIOR COOKIES TO TASTE TEST.

Tonight I ate a homemade oatmeal raisin chocolate chip walnut cookie and any of you weird “raisins are evil” cookie fanatics who say that’s a contradiction or a betrayal DON’T GET ANY COOKIES.

To the west of our house, a new 2-story townhome development is under construction, and recently blocked the last shred of our view of the Rocky Mountains.

My 5-year-old daughter has commented on many occasions "We should burn it down! We should go light it on fire and then we can see the mountains again!"

Parenting: be the change you want to see in the world. 🌈 🏔️

I have returned to the office this week. I keep my office door closed, I wear a mask in the hallways / when talking to coworkers, and I wash my hands frequently. I am legitimately happy to see my kids when I get home. It’s a huge improvement in my mental health.

Going through flour with reckless abandon. Last time I resupplied, they were out of 5lb bags. Came home with two of these ridiculous cuties instead.

This is a long shot, but any nerds wanna me with for my first major paper for ?

I'm looking for information from after 2011 about 's BRT system - ridership numbers, fee structure, what people think of it... literally anything.

I'm really struggling to find more recent information! I know it must be out there somewhere...

There are two baby owls (about 3 weeks old) nesting in a tree in the big park by our house. The entire neighborhood knows about them and visits from a respectful distance. It’s lovely and heartwarming and they are SO. FUZZY.

Our shelter in place has been largely mellow and positive, with a lot of open space on our property and nearby. Bike rides, swings, art outside, and lots of baking. I feel very grateful to live in a small city with excellent weather and wide open spaces. And even more grateful I still have a job.

COVID 19 predictions by state. 

An amazing graph made the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, look up your state:

a medical fetish shop in the UK donated its entire stock of disposable scrubs to a desperate NHS hospital which contacted them for help. so that's where the world is presently.

Roast some fucking vegetables. Drink some fucking water. Get some fucking fresh air. Pet a fucking cat or stuffie or fleece-lined sweatshirt or literally anything soft. Scream into a fucking pillow. Text your fucking mom/friend/boss/coach. Eat a fucking piece of fruit. It's going to fucking be okay. Fuck.

Oh, and of course, wash your fucking hands and stop touching your fucking face and consider putting fucking pants on because it helps you feel fucking normal.

My state is now on “stay at home” orders, preschool is closed. I am grateful for:
*Bountiful fridge full of fresh fruits and veggies
*Steady employment and fun technical and logistical challenges at work
*More time with my children
*Past Morley being smart and buying extra coffee and creamer
*Spring arriving with warm days, breezy afternoon bike rides, and more neighbors out walking in the evening.
*A good office chair at home.
*Noise canceling Bluetooth headphones.
*Staying healthy.

In the middle of all this, swallowed up in the noise, Colorado just abolished the death penalty and commuted the sentences of those sentenced to death.

"the death penalty cannot be, and never has been, administered equitably in the state of Colorado.”


CW Covid19 and grocery runs 

Advice from a cousin who leads disaster response for the Red Cross: Go ahead and do your essential errands and grocery shopping. Limit it to one household member, keep distance in the aisles, minimize touching things, wash/sanitizer after. But don’t dig into the pantry yet. Stay healthy and eat fresh stuff! And don’t try to strategize on when to go, just go when you normally would and be safe.

CW: Covid19 

Debating the merits of doing a major grocery run tomorrow, thereby avoiding one next week when confirmed cases are that much higher. Nothing we NEED but plenty of very-nice-to-haves. Things the kids will tantrum without. We are in CO with only 277 confirmed cases statewide (so that’s, what, 3000+ actual cases?) Hard to know how isolated is isolated enough, and to balance sanity.

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