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So many things did go wrong
But the list is not long enough
Not enough bad things
To fill up a song


"The word 'influenza' comes from the Italian language meaning 'influence' and refers to the cause of the disease; initially, this ascribed illness to unfavorable astrological influences. It was introduced into English in the mid-eighteenth century during a pan-European epidemic."

my morning has extended past noon and involved:

* two strong cups of coffee
* lots of toast and cheese
* cooking and then not eating congee (fridge for later)
* Marco Poloing with various friends in the States to whom i inexplicably (truthfully) reported that i had a zillion dreams and woke up crying from one of them
* spa robe

"stir crazy" is likely an overused term these days so I'll just say I miss cafés

In the middle of all this, swallowed up in the noise, Colorado just abolished the death penalty and commuted the sentences of those sentenced to death.

"the death penalty cannot be, and never has been, administered equitably in the state of Colorado.”

this is the right time to finally play through The Last of Us

listen. i didn't watch this. i dont want to watch this. but i need you to see this. (cw for uh.. coronavirus and uh, bodily.. fluids and obv misinformation)

a friend of mine pretty clearly had Covid-19 just as they returned to the USA from France over a week ago. they're feeling much better now.

now i wonder if Covid-19 was what i had two weeks ago! (i'm fine now, in Berlin)

those people who freaked out and purchased 180 rolls of toilet paper for each adult and child in their household are going to be working that supply down for the next year and a half.

i hope they feel guilty and foolish every time they wipe their butt. pooping should become a solemn and contemplative time to sit with their sins. a one-person confessional booth,, but with a toilet.

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