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i sure do like it when it's above freezing during the day

bread, honey and coffee. this will be a good morning i guess

woke up feeling woozy because of my new mattress topper which will require some getting used to, drank coffee and suddenly found myself editing my novel again. this is good. weird.

One organisation had in their gender dropdown to sign up for covid vaccinations three options: männlich, weiblich, Taucher.
That would be in English: male, female, divers. "Divers" as in "people who dive".

A sea shanty written by a bot 

Oh, whisky is the anchor to this jolly old sound.
For we're bound for the Beaufort Sea
Sheriff John Stone, why don't you see we're homeward bound!
So man the good ship taut and free

Look out to windward you can see it has fell
I put me hand upon my knee.
A wealth of hair was on her, he was a swell.
A long time and a jolly spree.

cauliflower is what killed me, holy one. cauliflower and a match

what even woke me up just now? it would almost be okay if I knew the concrete reason why I'm now awake. best guess is the unshakable remembrance of disappointedly watching the shit-quality first episode of Resident Alien a couple hours ago and then seeing it got 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

i guess this week i'm metabolizing my decision to fully and completely give up on the government in my country of origin (USA)


ugh when democracy collapses in the States because of widespread malfeasance will it infect Germany

will never be the same after having finished Normal People (the show)

will be picking up a Steven Universe book at the bookstore tomorrow and might check to see if they have a copy of the Normal People novel because now I need to know EVERYTHING

the only thing internet leftists hate more than fascism is internet leftists

one month and change after the solstice, and well into the lockdown, i see myself and everyone i know really starting to crack

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