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most annoying fanbase:

the last 24 hours:

* Xmas leftovers
* Elf (w/gf)
* Lars and the Real Girl (alone)
* sleep
* minimal breakfast & tea
* shower
* upgrade to mastodon v3.3.0
* two-hour walk thru park (w/friend)
* giant mass of chicken fricassee and rice
* atempt at videogames
* nonvolitional cataclysmic nap instead

here i am and ready for more

v3.3.0, my vegan sausage rolls with smoked paprika!

loud public complaints kind of drive me crazy. guess i'm using the wrong... world

one of the best Christmases in a while. utterly exhausted

happy xmas eve aka first christmas celebration day for you germans not into the whole brevity thing

all i want to do is invent a new word, five letters or fewer, have it catch on and make billions.

not too much to ask, really

Little Women is even more disappointing than Downsizing for a Borrowers fan.

CBD gummies before bed

pro: i get some good sleep

con: i wake up crankier than any hangover


+ RT BITTE!! +

Eine liebe Person sucht eine*n trans-freundliche*n Therapeut*in im Bereich Südhessen bis Rhein-Main-Gebiet. Es geht um jemanden der noch nicht geoutet ist und Hilfe beim finden seiner Identität braucht ❤️
Wer kann da jemanden empfehlen?

+ RT BITTE!! +

ok whichever one of you folks made this is my new favorite person :blobheart: :blobbloc:

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