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covid-19, pandemic 

hey, remember Orkut? this is a song that TV's Spatch, an internet acquaintance and (at the time) fellow Orkut fan, recorded and sang waaaaay back in... 2004?

covid19 reminder 


I ate too many chocolate lentils but they are SO good

HOLY SHIT Shell is rebranding as "she'll" for international women's day

I just remembered that when it was time for me to shake hands with my new bike repairman, he turned it into a pinky swear.

then I had to ask myself sternly if I was making up this memory. but no! he extended his pinky and I "shook" it!


Idiots 🤝 A jack-in-the-box
being able to surprise me

i'm going to give up the domain after 19 years. does anyone want it for free (you pay your own domain registrar for the transfer ofc)?

starting to think that my neighbors are actually worried about me because sometimes when I'm stretching really profoundly, joints cracking, things realigning, I yell MOTHERFUCK!!!!!

I kind of feel bad now

People take pictures of each other
And the moment can last them forever
Of the time when they mattered to someone

--The Kinks

I just saw Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding for my first time. some good moments, but it ain't no Beach Blanket!

i guess i'm fairly surprised to discover i'm a person who occasionally says "yo" without a hint of irony

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