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sure wish I could care about the current state of American politics. after all, that'd mean I wasn't having a bottom-drop-out personal self-esteem crisis

sometimes I look at chunks of text like this and think it could easily be from a 15-minutes-into-the-future SF artwork

also what's wrong with the tip of fake Lin-Manuel's index finger?

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never seen two happier guys than these two from a crappy ad. I'd be sad just to be dressed that badly, leaving aside for the moment the woes of capitalism

magnifique, chef's kiss, a single tear runs down my cheek

starting to think astrology is real after all...

my last two relationship choices have shown me that my people picker is super broken

day 1 after finally breaking up for the last time with the woman i have been trying to make things work with for over a year, off and on.

today i reread So Long and Thanks For All the Fish for the first time in a very, very long time.

when i got married the second time, during my impromptu but awesome to my wife i spoke about how that book was the first thing that ever made me feel i might be in love someday.

felt good!

I love this paper title so much.

"You Should Just Know Why I'm Upset: Expectancy Violation Theory and the Influence of Mind Reading Expectations (MRE) on Responses to Relational Problems"

after this most recent relationship debacle, i'm finally going to start just focusing on other aspects of my life. partnership might be out of my reach for the rest of my life, and that might have to be okay.

it's over with my girlfriend, and now it's time for the finale of The Good Place and a nice walk in honor of the best sex I ever had.

too tired to fix autocorrect you get it

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