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it's gonna be weird watching Emma Watson get old

Help finding depictions of positive masculinity in media, Please boost 

Hey, so it's not too difficult to find games, movies, comics, etc that specifically depict powerful female protagonists and/or trans women because these works tend to specifically be labeled as such.

I have a friend, who is a trans man, that's trying to find works that depict inspiring male role models. He's trying to find works to better help him understand positive masculinity. Does anyone have any ideas?

ran across this little sticker design I made a while back for pals who have a cute dog. they stopped being friends with me which crushed me, but their dog is still adorbs so

I just learned that the expression "to slow-roll" (meaning to delay a process deliberately) comes from poker slang. I don't know why but poker culture makes me need to yack, and now I feel very icky.

okay, i heard a phrase recently on a Star Wars podcast that is still resonating in my head and might be changing my life

twitter decentralization, in the news 

Extremely pleased to have provided the closing quote for this Verge article on the Twitter decentralization announcement.

Dear everyone who is considering making a video of yourself talking rather than just writing the *exact same words* into a text file, a blog post or a PDF:

Unless you're specifically targeting people who literally cannot read...

Please don't.

Sincerely, A Person Who Doesn't Have Literal Free Hours To Hear You Slooooowly Say Something It Would Take Me Five Seconds To Read And Also I Can Ctrl-F It

just going to sit here and listen to the Carpenters safe in the knowledge that anyone who judges me for it leads a hollow life

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