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Help finding depictions of positive masculinity in media, Please boost 

ran across this little sticker design I made a while back for pals who have a cute dog. they stopped being friends with me which crushed me, but their dog is still adorbs so

I just learned that the expression "to slow-roll" (meaning to delay a process deliberately) comes from poker slang. I don't know why but poker culture makes me need to yack, and now I feel very icky.

okay, i heard a phrase recently on a Star Wars podcast that is still resonating in my head and might be changing my life

twitter decentralization, in the news 

Dear everyone who is considering making a video of yourself talking rather than just writing the *exact same words* into a text file, a blog post or a PDF:

Unless you're specifically targeting people who literally cannot read...

Please don't.

Sincerely, A Person Who Doesn't Have Literal Free Hours To Hear You Slooooowly Say Something It Would Take Me Five Seconds To Read And Also I Can Ctrl-F It

just going to sit here and listen to the Carpenters safe in the knowledge that anyone who judges me for it leads a hollow life

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