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I like this sequence. DeepLab didn't detect the lightsabers & decided the ground was snow. (And also a surfboard). SPADE looked at all the snow & decided to put Luke and Kylo in snowsuits.

messaging all my friends in Berlin, hoping they're not fried from the heat.


Fuck this marketing bullshit.
Fuck Silicon Valley.
Fuck the startup culture.
Fuck capitalism.
Have a good day! :)

I did stuff and lay down and then I legit passed out. suddenly it was quarter to midnight. I am dazed but in a real good mood

insomnia hath no fury like someone called on their bullshit while on a camping trip

I'm about to leave San Francisco to head back up north, eventually to fly away home to Berlin.

Before I do, I'm drinking my favorite local coffee amid the simultaneous wealth and squalor of Mint Plaza... it is so desperately bittersweet to be here and to leave here. so much public suffering, so much prosperity being flaunted in spite of it.

Fear on everyone's faces, homeless and wealthy alike.

constant reminders of big chungus help me stay focused on my goal of


big chungus

transmisia, Adam movie, Twitter thread 

I've basically given up on humanity, because important knowledge simply doesn't seem to persist more than a generation. I'm not mad at individuals, I'm just extremely sad about how we're doomed.

when i have a little cold and i've had a nice walk in the sun and a good lunch with an old friend, the best thing is to lie back in the hotel room and relax in bed, looking at pictures of Amy Seimetz and imagining how great it would be to spend the day just idly chatting with her over coffee.

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