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whoa -- when David Tennant speaks in his English accent, it reminds me of Robyn Hitchcock every time. it's been tickling my brain for years and i only now realized.

in celebration then:

it's fun to rummage through your old audio files directory because you find stuff like this, stuff that used to make your ears bleed (in 2004, in German)

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You know how in mmos it's normal for everyone to customize their characters however suits them and no one judges or worries over if they're correctly adhering to some made up norm?
That, but in real life

the pleasant whoa-oh folky drummy song playing at this bar patio is in key with both the backup beeps of the big industrial vehicle outside and also the horn of the car beeping at it wanting not to be crushed by it.

yelling worker begging driver to stop before disaster is inevitable sounds like accompanying punk vocals.

getting older means seeing the hint of macro trends that are a sea change from the world I knew, like slow but mounting opposition to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Joe Biden

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my secret is, it's vodka, so every morning I have to kill me

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how will I explain what KNZK was to people? I don't really think you can, the weird intersection of leftist English speaking shitposters and wholesome Japanese posters is such a unique intersection

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knzk isn't a place, it's a spirit, that you can carry in your heart

but at least there's this, down the street and just before i BART away

went to my old place in the Mission with the killer chilaquiles and where I knew there would be no line of hipsters. food utterly delish as uzhe, coffee many refills, mellow vibezzz.

so why am I leaving sad? because they basically doubled all their prices, I guess to stay alive in this cutthroat city. I have no right to be surprised or disappointed but I am

there are plenty of things and concepts in the world that are interesting and difficult to represent in an emoji, but the hardest and most elusive one is the concept of EMOJI ITSELF.

i want that emoji

mentions of sexuality 

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i love it when a subtoot is interpreted to be a sweeping pronouncement for all humanity

i have noticed a transnational trend in pre-movie theater ads: EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL music for all kinds of random bullshit

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