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dating sites are crushing my spirit, making it harder to use dating sites

sorry i just voluntarily watched some more L*c*dch*rt ads because i like it when the guy says "cheese bois"

from my bike ride yesterday:

1) the good old Siegessäule as glimpsed thru trees and my bike's frame
2) a horrible sculpture in the overgrown front courtyard of the horrible abandoned Postbank building on Hallesches Ufer. horrible.

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now running v2.8.2, my tiny glowing bunnies. ElasticSearch is redeploying as i type this.

anybody within earshot in Berlin interested in watching Tatort tonight at the Volksbar in Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse?

i'm really glad i didn't force myself to watch BoJack Horseman after hating the first episode. thanks, this article:

okay, this is weird, but for me:

Breaking Bad:Better Call Saul::Bojack Horseman:Tuca & Bertie

(the first one is the one everyone but me liked when it came out, the second one is the one i actually like a zillion times better)

pleased to note Firefox has a fix to the add-on debacle that they're almost done with and that is available right now via Studies:

obligatory Arthur C. Clarke visionary clip about small computers in the future year of 2001:

i dreamed i wrote a postcard to my ex who suffered from profound jealousy; after i mailed it i realized i had referred to another woman even in this short message and uttered an actual "d'oh"

i'm sitting in my rooftop apartment looking for technical writer/editor jobs while the spring sun streams in.


screw this, i'm biking to the Rummelsburger Bucht

new bumper sticker:


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Country Roads
Take me home
Right into
The Danger Zone
West Virginia
Highway Momma
Take me home
Danger Zone

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