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Trainspotting 2 was a movie made specifically for me personally and if you happened to enjoy it that's just a lucky coincidence for you

learned about the Powerful Shaggy meme today. this pic is now all i can think about.

light movie spoilers inside link 

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got up in the middle of the night to drink water and eat a carrot

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2020 Democratic primary moderator: What is the best Wu-Tang album?

AOC: 36 Chambers
KAMALA HARRIS: Everyone should "Bring da Ruckus" at the polls!
ZUCC: I enjoy human music
BERNIE: I promise to end the rule of the billionayuh class by taking the lost Wu-Tang album from Martin Shkreli
CORY BOOKER: [mops forehead]
BETO: Liquid Swords

hey @morley & @bouncinglime , and maybe @Willow : as my only active users i am here to tell you that we're on the latest version of Mastodon, v2.7.1, and it's ticking over nicely.

in other news, i would like to get more users on here. at this point even opening up registration to all won't move the needle, because nobody would even find this tiny instance. besides, i'd rather have pals here.

just a word to the wise :)

whew! sorry for the downtime, folks. turns out i'd left the db migration half complete. all is now well and spanner is on v2.7.1.


hey smush beans, v2.7.1 is coming shortly.

just watched the Steven Universe finale. WEEPING.

this plane smells so convincingly of wet cat food that every time the little kid in the back talks about their seatbelt I think it's a meow

I didn't get to see the blood moon because I was in snowy Iceland, but I did get to go through passport control and answer the question "How long are you staying in Berlin?" with "indefinite -- I live there" and a big smile.

beginning the long trip back to Berlin.

ah yes, the famed "University of Jenahad". i'd say that was my first clue that the article had zero fact-checking or editing, but it came AFTER Valens' incredulous "wtf nobody's talking about hamberders!"

also the Trumpian phrase "many blame" in the headline. :(

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boost this toot and i will do absolutely nothing for you whatsoever.

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