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hunting game, blood 

@Juju reminds me of Red Dead Redemption 2. I've seriously stalled out on advancing the plot and pretty much just hunt animals and play poker all the time.

@InvaderXan now the problem isn't even corporate personhood any more, it's personal corporateness

hate when i labor day and night over the port bow and, after 72 hours of herculean labor as the men mill about behind me anxiously, I pull a flashing marlin from the sea as easily as a weed from the ground, from flower to root

@anke well, it's sort of halfway between, but generally I love the film "Gegen die Wand", which hints at the themes you note.

@Louisa the word that comes to mind is "stilted", but I don't think there's an official term for that overenunciated, SIGNIFICANT voice.

@Taweret hell of a way to tell your son you fucked a mongoose

he did use the formal "you", unlike some kids who rang my doorbell the other day back home, wanting in the bldg to play with their friend. (and I was wearing a black leather jacket, which drew some eyes from the mostly Columbia-clad beachcombers.)

but c'mon, Rolf.

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German vacationers really don't care about falling into stereotypes. I got back from a lovely long walk along the beach and a little tow-headed 7-year-old goggled at me in the hotel hallway and said, half aggressive and half fearful, "Are you NEW?"

yeah, kid, I'm new. here are my papers.

or maybe not. federated timeline is alive. maybe just nobody I follow is posting.

timezones :(

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erp, I think is barfing like I assume Kevin Spacey does at some point in "Nine Lives"

@ljwrites I think we're talking past each other. all good tho.

@ljwrites all I'm saying is widening the scope is advisable for "if you agree" posts

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