@alpine_thistle "Gathereth" for short? )then you get the Tolkien flavor for free.)

I think next week I'm going to take a long weekend on the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte

every single time i interact with a German friend or acquaintance about relationships, i realize that there is a huge dimension of assumptions i, as an American, don't share and can't identify, nor can i easily get someone to articulate them (would be the same the other way around).

it is a PROFOUNDLY weird feeling

@cerchio this is the content I need atm and I thank you

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@phooky lichen is like "ainoa place" and takes you to the Arctic


because the best jokes have explanatory Wikipedia links


@Louisa that makes a lot of sense to me, yeah


@Louisa I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say here, except the part where you attribute it to the fediverse. I think it's actually an aspect of the internet and/or of society as a whole -- just my €0.02 --

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I wish there was more room for nuance on the fediverse, but we like to sum things up and then posts are at odds, like:

"Some people are neurodivirgent and you shouldn't overreact if they say something a little weird or behave in a way you didn't expect"

"If you get a vibe from someone you should feel free to block them without justifying it, trust your instincts"

Both of these are good and they completely oppose one another

@Manik that is the forkoskum pleema, "nature's fleshlight"


a) farticles
b) in one of my earliest journals is written "bathtub = fart bong"

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