May 15 is 'what the fuck you still use WhatsApp as of today I may publicly shame you' day

pretty surprised at my own super extreme reaction to getting sealioned by a non-native speaker in my org's English-language working group on gender-aware language.

skin: thicken

yesterday at 7am i was awoken by a great thump against my window, and i presumed it had been a bird.

today i noticed that there was a dead bird on my balcony. omg. was it there for a whole day without my noticing? poor little thing.

i removed it with the help of layers of plastic and then bleached the balcony a little. it's so weird to have to deal with dead animals!

@joshmillard @phooky those unforgiving, ironclad clowning contracts *shakes fist*

either i dreamed someone rang my doorbell at 3:15am or some fucker decided to mess with me (and somehow changed the sound from a boopy noise to a bone-shattering buzzer)

@variance but do you *live* like a worm (and can you hear the doorbell)

@anke every time i see "NSFW" i want to believe it has something to do with New South Wales

@rhiannonstone to be clear, what i was complaining about was when people refer to a deleted message at length, when simply not deleting it in the first place and writing "disregard because X" is much clearer & briefer.

perhaps it's just oldsters like me who were fetched up on irc, where you simply can't delete a message, but to me deleting a message is an abomination for all the complex reasons stated.

@rhiannonstone that's quite true for me too. my preference is for people not to delete messages at all, but just to say "disregard the above" so context is clear.

here's how to really annoy me:

1) leave me a message on a service that allows message deletion
2) delete the message
3) send me another message whose first words refer to your having deleted the message

two British English pronunciations i thought were specific to the vocal performances of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in "The World's End" but later discovered are common to at least a quantity of similar speakers:

"drink up" = "dring cup"
"your own" = "your <glottal stop> own"

@seafrog my apologies, strange as it sounds that was just me agreeing with your washing machine anger but at 7am after not really sleeping. sorry about the weird and barbed wording

@seafrog the second one has something important to teach you if you have ears to hear it

wow, i'm belatedly listening to this week's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and i'm just now hearing that one of the questions involved the pick-up line work of the esteemed @janellecshane !! yaaaay

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