Kiddo (being sarcastic): oh if someone has poverty, they must deserve it

Me: you just said what a lot of people actually believe

Kiddo: really?

Me: yeah, a lot of people think if you're poor it's because you did something to deserve it

Kiddo: I will punch them before they infect me

Intermittently means "in between mittens", and i think that's lovely

Wir wollen Wasserstoffperoxid gegen den Schimmel hier in meinem Zimmer verwenden. Hat jemand damit Erfahrung und kann uns gute Ratschläge erteilen?

Was wir haben ist 1l - 3% Lösung, aus der Apotheke.

Gelesen haben wir diese Seiten:


Bitte boosten. Danke.

@squirrel_ebooks with this toot you're forcing me to pronounce it "ceedub" in my head and I am mildly upset about it

@morley haha yeah! on the occasion of your post I went looking for Zardoz quotes and found this gem:

"Um, it was the 70’s, and I was doing a lot of drugs. Frankly, even I’m not entirely sure what parts of the movie are about. --John Boorman"

CATS is the Zardoz of the new millennium. Fight me.

beware smiling, half-laughing white German ladies over 45. they do not mean you well.

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