first night of the season below zero C. heat in apartment building is out. halp

@FirstProgenitor wow.

"There are approximately 23 billion chickens on the planet right now.   But because the life of a meat chicken is short—less than 50 days—annual production far exceeds the number of chickens alive at any one time.  In 2016, worldwide, chicken production topped 66 billion birds."

German Chocolate Cake is named for a man, not the country. Samuel German developed a formulation of dark baking chocolate that came to be used in the cake recipe.

Original tweet :

sampin' wampin' morjin' son-of-a-bleshclobble

old timey food crimes 

@Taweret i mean, in its defense the recipe also includes deviled ham and cream cheese, which i personally would eat the shit out of

@bouncinglime i should add that their suite of stuff, like calendar and contacts, is still in beta. i have access to it as a paying user but it's not "out there" yet

@bouncinglime not yet, for now i use the calendar on my NextCloud instance. works great.

Ok I just went to look up Hamlet on Wikipedia and I'm losing my entire shit at this painting from 1778?

The focal point is his entire ass? He's wearing a thong bodysuit? What is going on???

@Gargron i hear ya :) just wanted to share my experience aka i guess another reason not to go out oops

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Oregon exploding whale.

The Oregon Historical Society has realized the importance of this historical event and released a HD REMASTERED version of the video, taken from the original 16mm film!!!!

now that ProtonMail allows for easy import of old mail, i managed to lay my hands on my email backups.

i will now have all my emails since 2003 in one place. (the rest, 1994 through the start of the Gmail era, were very sadly lost a long, long time ago)

@Gargron i had to go to Aldi just now, and aside from the infection risk, basically every human being I encountered (notable exception: super-nice Aldi cashier) was in their own angry world, trying to drive their shopping carts and/or cars right into me without even seeing me.

upside: i got lasagne makings

Destroy competition with free service, when there is no more competition, demand money for service. #Google

yikes, spanner was down for a while there due to extremely unexpected and hard-to-detect fallout from an OS upgrade. we apologize for any inconvenience

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