i tried to give I Care A Lot a chance to show me that its screenwriting had something to surprise me with, but i got very impatient so i skipped through most of it and discovered at the end that no it did not

i am a person who has never heard "Gangnam Style" in its entirety, and never by choice.

this morning's diversion from work is the Wikipedia article on the song, and i'd like to share two things with you.

1) the incredibly detailed and soberly written synopsis of the music video: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gangnam_


kicking sugar for the most part for the next three months to see if my liver's okay. just had a dream about a big gathering of friends with kids where the kids were doing some big competition for which the prizes were huge boxes of candy

also tried to talk to my ex and she just said "I have a cold"

@anke try "scald" and "skald" :)

hashtag sorry about our steal-prone language

@MastoSourcedPlaylist ok thanks, just checking. @wolfie also helpfully suggested post notifications!

@MastoSourcedPlaylist will you be @'ing the previous participants or just relying on us reading Mastodon at the appointed time?

i sure do like it when it's above freezing during the day

@Pixley great time to grab some takeout and watch a movie in bed instead of dealing with insufferably clever puzzles which when solved would only reward me by granting me awkward contact with the insufferably clever people to blame

@fribbledom but Apple, one of the largest and most recognizable entities on this planet, *wants* history that way. it will likely bend that way regardless of our raised fingers... much to my chagrin, of course, but this is not an era where people seem to be too interested in knowing the truth about history.

bread, honey and coffee. this will be a good morning i guess

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