every anarchist has one girlfriend who is more anarchist than them and if you follow this chain to the heart of the polycule you find the leader of antifa

@Taweret oh man, I saw this toot of yours but not all the others. I share your pain

@Taweret when they're done spending the money from "The Hobbit" *trilogy*

It’s Bi Visibility Day? Dammit. My superpowers are useless today!

@maffsie I feel ancient when a show name checks Orkut. which is never -- so yay for being super ancient :) feel better?

I couldn't sleep so I ate half the food in the kitchen while my gf snored in the other room, and then I doomscrolled the birdsite waiting for my CBD gummy to take effect.

solid strategy for never sleeping or feeling emotions again

subtoot I guess, 2020 

People aren't all "let's just try and get through 2020" because they believe 2021 will be magically better, they're doing it because they are overwhelmed and need to mentally parcel out the time to remain functional. People do this all the time. Sometimes I have to do it day by day. I do consider the longer term, but I can only meaningfully plan what I can do *today*.

You aren't saying anything profound, unknown or kind with your "it's not just about 2020!" hot takes.

@joshmillard chocolate Rolo contendere
Mr. Pibbias corpus
writ of rep-7-eleven
mt. gox post facto

that's what I got

@Quixote171 gotcha. so when do you send out the prompts? if you @ people who have pledged to give you songs, I will happily do it despite the time difference (I'm in Berlin).

@Quixote171 do you want individuals to give you songs or full playlists?

I pomodoro'd my fear-of-failure ass into starting an art project, my goal is to fucking finish it today, I'm stating my intentions

hunting game, blood 

@Juju (which means I'm constantly coming back to camp covered in animal blood, and every campmate remarks on it)

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