@cadadr things that would force me to spend more time & money:

* as few as 3 more active users
* more moderation requests (btw i currently choose to moderate trending hashtags)


context: i run a tiny instance with a handful of active users, one step above a single-user instance.

technical skill: i was a sysadmin for 20+ years. start to finish i'd call intermediate difficulty, but that includes writing my own backup scripts, using swapfiles to reduce my memory consumption/pay less monthly, &c

dedicated time: couple hours a month max, after the initial setup

costs: i pay about $25/mo for a server with 3GiB RAM & 30GiB disk plus a 50GiB backup partition

i slept 11 hours last night and ate three cheeseburgers of my own making for "lunch" (late afternoon). my entire everything is out of whack.

now it's 9pm/21:00 and i want to go out and... what? ride my bike in tight circles? get into a fistfight? i have NO idea what is in my own heart

food, panic buying bullshit 


dunno if it's my internet provider, wireless or Nintendo's European servers, but even after updating my DNS i can't get my airport gates to stay open! :(

@em i hear you, and i'm certainly paying off my latest home improvement by crafting the heck out of 'em, but i just wanna catch a FEW fish sometime again

I've never liked gaming online because so many humans are awful. now that Animal Crossing has seduced me, I'm actually looking into what other games I have (and I have many) where I could game online.

is this a terrible idea


animal crossing 

also noted that for the first time the sun actually touched the outside wall of this nw-facing apt at about 16:00 today, and it's just barely past the equinox. that's seriously so exciting!

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cleaned the surfaces of my tiny balcony for my first time since living here (6mo) and probably for the first time in 3 years. it's like a different world out there. going to be precious during this coming housebound period.

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