IKEA was anything but forlorn. I feared for my life as I walked through the packed store and was repeatedly both rushed from behind and stalled in front -- just like in the States! the intensity of that experience was in no way informed by Sunday.

in short:

Hannes Wittmer singing "Photon Cannon" at Lido, Berlin. a real talent and an earnest, amazing soul.

you know, i would love to use pinafore.social, @nolan , but i've never been able to add my instance spanner.works. feel like troubleshooting with me a little?

i've turned off browser extensions, tried different browsers... i see the requests coming in in my nginx logs (from my local ipv6 addy: depending on browser, 200s against /api/v1/apps [OPTIONS] or /api/v1/instance/activity [GET]) , but i always get this:

learned about the Powerful Shaggy meme today. this pic is now all i can think about.

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I like you and your friends.