taking care of myself while sick, aka serially-pouring-liquids-into-various-containers duty. (my mouth is second to last in the series)

ran across this little sticker design I made a while back for pals who have a cute dog. they stopped being friends with me which crushed me, but their dog is still adorbs so

here come the tractors, driven by farmers who don't want to be regulated.

it'll be pretty hard to farm on a dead planet tho

with no discernible behavior described or forbidden, to me this sign just says "this would be a bummer scenario"

several of my German friends scoffed when I called my drill a drill (Bohrmaschine) and insisted I needed to call it a rechargeable power screwdriver (Akkuschrauber) because only real drills can get real work done.

*cracks neck*

this *drill* built a Storå loft bed and a Pax wardrobe (among other things) and fastened them to the wall, and it kicked fucking ass doing it. I did my research on torque and I didn't get machoed into senselessly spending twice as much. I LOVE MY IJAMMER ^W DRILL

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