here come the tractors, driven by farmers who don't want to be regulated.

it'll be pretty hard to farm on a dead planet tho

with no discernible behavior described or forbidden, to me this sign just says "this would be a bummer scenario"

several of my German friends scoffed when I called my drill a drill (Bohrmaschine) and insisted I needed to call it a rechargeable power screwdriver (Akkuschrauber) because only real drills can get real work done.

*cracks neck*

this *drill* built a Storå loft bed and a Pax wardrobe (among other things) and fastened them to the wall, and it kicked fucking ass doing it. I did my research on torque and I didn't get machoed into senselessly spending twice as much. I LOVE MY IJAMMER ^W DRILL

sometimes my digital clock scares me even though I speak German

I had forgotten that these are the best candies in the world

on opening my second package of the tea today, I finally noticed the slogan on the box:

typo notwithstanding, i do what Dr. Joint Pain tells me to, because of what i know they are capable of

why isn't anyone snapping up this street copy of Jewel's poetry in German translation

back in Germany. seeing movies is good for my jetlag so i check the cinema listings. among the offerings is "Leberkäs-Junkie".

my takeaway: he eats Leberkäse sandwiches, dogs and babies


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