#TIL When a news article says that something happens in "WA", that might mean Washington State or Western Australia.


@anke every time i see "NSFW" i want to believe it has something to do with New South Wales

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@datn @Anke I have been reading a lot about the Bureau of Land Management. This still throws me off.

@Aldersprig @datn At least half the time I do a search for an acronym, I don't find any meaning that makes sense in context - or else multiple, and can't tell which.
It's why I try to avoid using acronyms for series or media unless it's a limited audience and I think everyone else knows that one.

@Anke @datn I try to write the spelled out version too if I think it's going to be at all confusing.

Living in a state with the same name as a large, famous city, I usually feel safe abbreviating NY, USA, but then I end up having to clarify "not the City."

@Aldersprig @anke @datn And the abbreviation for New York City is NYC so it shouldn't be *that* ambiguous, yet here we are. *comforts*

@Rowyn @Anke @datn travel more than a couple states away and people assume "I'm from NY" means the City.

@Aldersprig @Rowyn @datn
...outside the USA, I don't know what percentage of people know that New York is the name of a state, too, but it's probably not 100%

@Aldersprig Considering the stories one hears of people under the impression New Mexico is a foreign land..

@porsupah@lgbt.io @Aldersprig@social.scribblers.club ...remembers hearing grumbling in Congress by NM rep after a constituent called to complain when they were denied Olympics tickets and told to call the the Mexican Olympic offices instead.

@porsupah@lgbt.io @Aldersprig@social.scribblers.club Or then there was the student at a US college who was asked to show their green card after mentioning they were from the New England area.

@anke @Aldersprig @datn I appreciate that you spell out "Once Upon a Time" in many of your toots about the show, on a related note. 😄

@Rowyn Yay!
When I get confused about or annoyed by stuff, I try to not do the same thing. :D

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