here's how to really annoy me:

1) leave me a message on a service that allows message deletion
2) delete the message
3) send me another message whose first words refer to your having deleted the message

@datn Interesting! I started explicitly indicating when I'd deleted a message because my teammates told me it made them anxious to see that there was a message but not be able to find it, and wonder if they were imagining it or I'd deleted something bad.

@rhiannonstone that's quite true for me too. my preference is for people not to delete messages at all, but just to say "disregard the above" so context is clear.


@rhiannonstone to be clear, what i was complaining about was when people refer to a deleted message at length, when simply not deleting it in the first place and writing "disregard because X" is much clearer & briefer.

perhaps it's just oldsters like me who were fetched up on irc, where you simply can't delete a message, but to me deleting a message is an abomination for all the complex reasons stated.

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@datn That makes sense! I too, still prefer IRC. My own brain weirdnesses and insecurities really like the ability to edit or delete, because I then no longer have to look at my goofs forever, but I definitely try to use it judiciously.

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