trying out the latest keyboard replacement to be able to remove another Google product from my phone. time it took to type this message: +350%

@datn what are your thoughts on the /e/ android minutes Google os?

@avulsionist i understand some of those words, will DDG the rest and get back to you

@avulsionist sounds cool! however i think projects like this only have legs if they work on most Android devices, like the good old Cyanogen days.

@datn ha true sorry I should have linked the post. It's an interesting idea, like lineage os without the goog.

@avulsionist i hope they aggressively expand to a zillion more devices! then i'm interested.

@datn a friend got me hooked on Minuum years ago and I struggle with full keyboards now

Definitely takes some getting used to, but as someone with small hands and a small phone, it's ideal. Sadly the whole project seems to have been abandoned in 2017.

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