hunting game 

I bought theHunter™ on the last Steam sale for some reason. And after letting it finally download for four days I could finally test it and this is awful. Why does shooting virtual animals feel so much worse than shooting virtual people?
But at least I can be a female animal murderer.

hunting game, blood 

Oh god, I didn't hit it right and the deer bled all over the place and was freaking out. This is not fun. I don't know why I thought it would be. :ohno:

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hunting game, blood 

@Juju reminds me of Red Dead Redemption 2. I've seriously stalled out on advancing the plot and pretty much just hunt animals and play poker all the time.


hunting game, blood 

@Juju (which means I'm constantly coming back to camp covered in animal blood, and every campmate remarks on it)

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