I guess this is what they call a midlife crisis

I had a career for 20 years but I didn't help anyone or make any impact on the world

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@datn Thats why I started looking after wildlife in my garden and picking up trash on the beach... perhaps these little things will matter most in the long run.

@leftbit I've been trying to console myself with thoughts like that -- how I've helped people in my life, done small things that accrue over time -- but then I hear about people 10 years younger than me who are in positions of power helping and shaping the world, and those thoughts lose their purchase on my soul.

but that's my problem :)

@datn I know. But for every person having that power there are thousands, perhaps millions who don't. Am thinking this isn't a question of merit, just of numbers. And look what people in power actually do with it... is this really something to aspire to?

@leftbit you're not wrong of course... but I do look at people like Meredith Whittaker and think, there's someone who put their intellect and potential to good use. (I never did.)

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