hey Mastodon I had a stroke three weeks ago and now I'm home again. life is weird

@Nikolai_Kingsley I am, thanks. and repurposing unused piping to construct new cylinders


thus proving the human brain is superior to the model T Ford!

@bouncinglime i'm okay! don't worry. back home, bouncing back, feeling fairly okay. i'm going to need a little physical therapy and maybe some speech therapy (for swallowing), but both are improving on their own very quickly.

@datn that's so good to hear! I'm glad you've got good care. 💜💜💜 keep us updated, please?

@bouncinglime i will, thank you! during my hospital stay, i had some text groups where i was informing loved ones from which i might distil some prose chunks to be followed by semi-public updates.

@datn "I acknowledge what you said, express concern and support and love, and don't want to badger you with questions" is a lot of work for that little "like" star to do, but here we are. 💜

@rhiannonstone feel free to ask questions! I think it would be weird of me to mention it and then be resistant to questions.

alternatively I am going to write a newsletter about it in the next day or so :)

@datn I'd love to be on the newsletter recipient list! I think you have my address but if you don't it's firstname[dot]lastname[at]gmail.

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