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I love you so
you show me things I want to know
you help me make my way round town
and every week I burn you down

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spider plant, spider plant

does whatever a spider can't

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starting to realize that when I run out of spoons, it's often because I am inadvertently running a fucking Spoon Library, with 80% of the stock checked out to others at any given moment... and no overdue fees.


feels weird not to have 45 on the brain. he was taking up a lot of real estate against my will. he got elected at the end of the year my wife left, during which had a giant nightmare dealing with separating our shared life and possessions. i also got a dream job with the federal government which i ended up leaving.

so lots of trauma coming to an end, but so much of my life got rebuilt during that trauma that i am kind of at a loss now

i feel bad about feeling like i'm about to pass a kidneystone at noon EST tomorrow

this configuration is unacceptable and i reject it

you guys don't need me I'm gonna sit this one out

i cannot keep a thought in my head for more than ten seconds today

really hope the internet uncovers a second sea shanty at some point


i am so unbelievably angry and sad this morning

i am having the kind of Monday morning where i just... STARE

and it seemed to me Montana was a leg. now i get it

I'm awake and it's dark what do I do to make the sun rise sooner

i have been watching birdsite and listening to news for over six hours except when i had a panic attack and had to go grocery shopping

woke up unutterably sad for no discernible reason

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