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I love you so
you show me things I want to know
you help me make my way round town
and every week I burn you down

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spider plant, spider plant

does whatever a spider can't

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starting to realize that when I run out of spoons, it's often because I am inadvertently running a fucking Spoon Library, with 80% of the stock checked out to others at any given moment... and no overdue fees.

Kiddo (being sarcastic): oh if someone has poverty, they must deserve it

Me: you just said what a lot of people actually believe

Kiddo: really?

Me: yeah, a lot of people think if you're poor it's because you did something to deserve it

Kiddo: I will punch them before they infect me

Intermittently means "in between mittens", and i think that's lovely

Wir wollen Wasserstoffperoxid gegen den Schimmel hier in meinem Zimmer verwenden. Hat jemand damit Erfahrung und kann uns gute Ratschläge erteilen?

Was wir haben ist 1l - 3% Lösung, aus der Apotheke.

Gelesen haben wir diese Seiten:


Bitte boosten. Danke.

CATS is the Zardoz of the new millennium. Fight me.

beware smiling, half-laughing white German ladies over 45. they do not mean you well.

one time he drove me all the way to the dump after a jumble sale and we threw plates into the abyss together. maybe he is my best friend

our meme generation neural network student is getting towards the end of his masters thesis and the results are absolutely a riot

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