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I love you so
you show me things I want to know
you help me make my way round town
and every week I burn you down

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spider plant, spider plant

does whatever a spider can't

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starting to realize that when I run out of spoons, it's often because I am inadvertently running a fucking Spoon Library, with 80% of the stock checked out to others at any given moment... and no overdue fees.

pro: upcoming vacation this weekend, taking a couple extra days to just chill tf out by the water where Einstein once had a summer home, in Caputh

con: doing it alone

self-indulgent self-deprecation 

but on the positive side, i have health insurance and i make a hell of a chocolate chip cookie

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self-indulgent self-deprecation 

I am gonna be alone the rest of my life, and my writing fucking stinks.

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When I was a student a car ran over my only optical mouse (don't ask). I made this cobbled together mess from the pieces and used it for quite some time afterwards because I couldn't afford a new one at the time

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Cardi B is short for Cardio🅱️ascular


I think next week I'm going to take a long weekend on the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte

every single time i interact with a German friend or acquaintance about relationships, i realize that there is a huge dimension of assumptions i, as an American, don't share and can't identify, nor can i easily get someone to articulate them (would be the same the other way around).

it is a PROFOUNDLY weird feeling

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I wish there was more room for nuance on the fediverse, but we like to sum things up and then posts are at odds, like:

"Some people are neurodivirgent and you shouldn't overreact if they say something a little weird or behave in a way you didn't expect"

"If you get a vibe from someone you should feel free to block them without justifying it, trust your instincts"

Both of these are good and they completely oppose one another

ugh i am desperate to socialize but also perishingly afraid of being shamed

i often ponder what i would choose if i had three wishes.

most of the time:

1) allow all living things to easily meet 200% of all their basic needs forever (w/list of concrete needs)
2) give me unlimited resources
3) give me unlimited wishes

when i'm editing other people's writing:

1) every human must MASTER the rules and conventions of their native language's spoken and written forms, and those of one other language, before being allowed out of their GODDAMN CHILDHOOD HOMES

2 & 3) idgaf

i feel like this really didn't get the attention it deserved

this not-quite-stormy weather makes me SO CRANKY

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