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Do something that matters a lot to you today

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Funding request for unhoused Oakland neighbors 

One of the longest standing communities for displaced neighbors in West #Oakland is at risk.

Dozens of families could have their community, shelter, belongings, and health ripped from them, funded by your (and my!) tax dollars.

Can you help?

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A note re: US crisis hotline news: #9-8-8 

@packbat The old hotline number is still in service, too. From the article:

"National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's 10-digit number — 1-800-273-8255 — will remain active, but calls will be routed to 988."

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US crisis hotline news: #9-8-8 

In the US, dialing 988 will connect you to a local crisis call center. This replaces the old National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number. Parallel to this, a big boost in funding for crisis hotlines has been introduced.

NPR news story with details (cw: discussion of ableist police violence):

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About the "nonbinary crossbow" :nb_crossbow: 

I designed the "nonbinary crossbow" :nb_crossbow: about a year ago. I'd like to explain the meanings behind each element.

First off, there are the mirror of Venus and spear of Mars--traditional symbols of female and male identities, respectively.

But the central circle is intended to represent agender identities, and the incomplete arc to represent demi- and other nonbinary identities. 1/

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FFS if you can understand that gender/sexuality/class are social constructs with status hierarchies, then you can understand that intelligence, education attainment, and "intact brains" are constructs that do the same thing.

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consult booked for this tattoo!!! I've never gotten this far omg I'm so nervous and excited

and it's on Wednesday, which will be the perigee of the moon's orbit for this year - the closest approach to earth!

such auspicious. very timing. ^_^

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have you gotten covid yet (as far as you know)?

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fellow snailmail fans in the US: postage rates have increased as of today, July 10!

here are the new rates:
1oz letter, domestic: 60c
additional oz: 24c
postcard: 44c
1oz letter, international: $1.40

old "forever" stamps are still valid. 💌

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Reminder that the cost of admission to Summer / Winter School 2022 is:

$ Zero dollars (0)

And you can sign up


@changbai a friend boosted your note about being in Yangshou and I'm so excited to see more photos! That was one of my favorite parts of our trip back in 2012. ^_^

is full of stripes!

Wish I could call up my grandfather, whose first career was as a weather forecaster, and ask about how this happens. 🕯

@lake a friend boosted both your found plates posts into my feed - I love your photos! Looking forward to seeing more abandoned places ^_^

today's rotation was

My Girl
Gangnam Style

I think it's just a Classics station on Spotify 😅

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@mooncake hey I followed you on and just noticed you've moved to a new server ^_^

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I originally shared these on play vicious!

Way back then I also shared the original #BIPOC #Pride flag! Designed by a fellow queer of color!

Here's the link to the original designer of it! (via wayback, because at least tumblr seems to not be live anymore):

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We live next to a private school and there's a summer camp for kids (~10 years old?)... the PA system has been playing music for the past half hour and so far we've heard

that Dynamite song from 2010ish
A Whole New World

all before 9am on a Thursday. :blobcateyes:

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