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have you heard the call, comrade? the siren song of all that your values demand. rise with me, friend! rise like the burning sun, unstoppable, inevitable, the font of world-shaping potency. clad yourself in the duties bestowed by all you hold dear. feel the strength flow through you, part and parcel of the illusions of life and death. in this indifferent universe, volition belongs to us. have you the daring to wield it?

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binder rehoming 

i have a compression top and a soft bra from tomboyx, both in size S, that i would like to pass on to anyone who could use a couple of low-key binders. they're both very lightly worn, not super flattening, just don't really work that well for me. DM if you want 'em or for more details!

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Early music Patreon plug 

By the way, if you enjoy early music, you may be interested in my studio's Patreon page:

I went on hiatus for a couple years but am active again, working slowly toward the release of a new album!

Go check it out, and if you can spare a buck or two each month, please consider supporting me as a Patron. It would mean the world to me! ∑:D

#MastoMusic #patreon

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“So much power & violence works through exhaustion: the exhaustion of people's capacities to resist; the exhaustion of people's capacities to live their lives on their own terms; the exhaustion of having to navigate systems that are designed to make it harder to get what you need”
- Sara Ahmed

(past) family death 

My grandfather, my Jidoo, would have been 100 years old today. I had olives with my lunch and a tot of whiskey after dinner in his memory, as if I didn't think of him and Sithoo every day anyway.

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the designer of the Progress Pride flag apparently has a store for it, and for related merch

the washi tape and the tote bag crack me up, and I dare my mutuals to wear the shirt

(honestly really tempted to get the tote bag

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It's ready! Wooh!

Stars, Steel, and Space - a Compendium of Future Visions

Stars, Steel and Space is a compendium of AI-generated sci-fi futuristic artwork, with themes covering vehicles, fashion, engines, astronomy, and more! 169 high-res pages with illustrations, sketches, notations, concepts, and blueprints to fuel your imagination.

Created in MidJourney. Thanks to @Arcana for the title suggestion!

CW AI art

#AIArt #DigitalArt #MastoArt

@moiety a friend boosted one of your toots the other day and I finally got around to checking you out - may I follow?

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Black and Brown queers are the reason have so much of what we got
Af-Am's and Boricuas gave you ball and also struggled themselves, penniless for queer liberation

Marsha and Slyvia are the celebrated blueprints but how much do we deal with how they left this realm? poor af

and some ppl on here have the cheek to cry about :ms_black_trans_flag:

Anyways, everyday its Black and Brown pride 'round here :heart_trans_black: :Fire_BlackTrans:

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emoji art 


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Because apparently I have neglected to do so, here are two versions of the #QTBIPOC #Pride flag!

The license is simple:
- attribution! link to this account and tell 'em a disabled 2spirit Indigenous anarchist made it!

- all queer/trans BIPOC individuals can use (including commercially and I'll even advertise your stuff here if you tell me about it!)
- all queer/trans BIPOC orgs/groups can use (commercial if it's not the focus of the piece, otherwise permission needed)
- non-BIPOC orgs/groups if for a specific BIPOC-focused event/outreach, asking permission first

I can provide SVG versions and other formats if ever needed

@sajan I've seen several of your pieces boosted by mutuals, so I'm following for more. ^_^ I really like your style!

@shade oh hi! I follow you somewhere else I'm pretty sure, but just saw a boost of your beautiful little cloud paintings and wanted to be sure I didn't miss more of them in the future. :purple_sparkling_heart: :space:

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Relaxing at the beach with the fam after graduation ^_^

(it's a NorCal beach so the water is freezing and there's barely any sunshine coming through the fog but it's still the beach and I will always love it)

(NB : my bare feets are in this photo but I think I've cropped them out of the preview)

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Okay, I'm putting up the kingsmaille harness on Ko-fi. It's on a torso form, not a human, and suggested for heavy metal band costuming, let's see if I can sneak it through. There's someone out there on the Fedi who needs a serious metal harness in their lives, I'm sure. #maille

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It's Sunday May 22, and it's almost time for the Fiber Arts Zoom Meetup!
PDT 10am-noon; EST 1pm-3pm; UTC 1800-2000

Chat with Fedi friends while working on your embroidery, quilting, crochet, mending, knitting, macrame, weaving, felting, spinning, etc. (Other arts, crafts, and repairs are welcome too.) No need to be punctual or stay for the whole thing. See you soon!

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@transponderings there is a screen reader guide to Mastodon here that I would like you to link to in your blog post. As to your navigation, using voice over, you have to use rotor actions and a lot of things are controlled by rotor actions which makes apps like Metatext extremely accessible and very easy to use. Otherwise, you did a very good review of each app

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Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

Please boost (or share on Twitter) 🙏

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