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alc ment 

.... oh come on they couldn't come up with a better running chant?? I've heard better from drunk football hooligans

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wait why is she a) the shortest one there and b) not wearing pants????

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oh nooooo is the plant gonna die??? I like this plant already, but any small thing that a kid cares for in these films ends up either destroyed or turned into a monster....

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"I have something to show you. Something quite shocking."

yeah that underwater model footage is pretty badly spliced

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"it could decide to destroy every one of our cities" it's almost like they haven't learned anything from the past

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omg are we gonna see clips of all the films??? yesss now I don't need to watch them.

and you know exactly how they ended by how she's talking about how they "destroyed" all these kaiju

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very clever, using the original footage to pad out the film

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well that was quick godzilla's already here and we didn't have to do something terrible to wake him up

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It wouldn't be coming right at you if you weren't heading right at it....

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let's see how bad an idea it is to while I finish up this thesis draft.....

(I'll keep my toots in this thread and unlisted)

and we're on to Return of the Jedi.... I really hope I don't have to go through six more film scores to get this thing out the door today >_<

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ok for the Revenge of the Fifth, I am moving on to the Empire Strikes Back soundtrack (my favorite) to get this damn thing out the door

here we goooooooo

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Obi Wan is sneaking around the Death Star to turn off the tractor beam, and I'm very quickly reaching the end of how much time I can stare at a screen...

but I've also just noticed that there's a lot of highlights earlier in the paper that need to be addressed..... blehhhhhhh

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ok time to put on the Star Wars soundtrack and get this thesis out the door....

🎧 🌠

Happy Star Wars Day!

Enjoy the best of all Star Wars has to offer on this glorious May the Fourth!

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Quannah Chasinghorse dressing to interpret the Gilded Age outside a Eurocentric lens:

Dentalium shell beads are classic, traditional, associated with wealth and opulence, and were being traded from the west coast to other parts of the continent in the 1800s (into Dakota by the 1860s):

The choker section of Quannah's necklace is similar to the one worn in this photo from 1906.

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Abortion info (where to get one, where to donate: US based) 

If you are in need of abortive medication and do not have access to a doctor:

If you need help finding a doctor or abortion funding:

If you have funds to donate to an abortion fund and want them to go someplace local:

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job+++??? (swears) 

holy shit I just sent in paperwork officially signing up for a full-time job as an Associate Transportation Planner for an indie consulting firm in NorCal starting after graduation.

They do super cool work with rural communities and stuff and I'm fucking stoked because so much of it seems like a confluence of things I care about, life experience, and schoolwork. omg.

I'm also hella nervous because a) I haven't worked full time in forever and b) IMPOSTOR SYNDROME :yell:

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