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Happy new year from this very happy puddle duck! 🦆 :sparkles_nb:

(And also a happy birthday to my opsec folks yesterday! 📆 )

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I have just learned that Sun Ra's estate not only has all his music available to buy directly from them on Bandcamp, but also that according to the original 1973 contract for Space is the Place, not only are the masters owned by Sun Ra specifically in space, but by purchasing it you are legally declaring yourself as an extraterrestrial who exists outside of earth's gravitational pull.

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poll, boosts welcome, trivia 


The united states contains what percentage of the world's population

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I have been given this inkwell stand (mad3 in India) by spouse's parents who have a vague idea that I write. Ink obviously goes into the two wells. What goes in the little dugout area with the rectangular hinged lid? Sand or absorbent dust? I've put a Venetian glass pen in what looks like a pen tray area at the front, does that look right? I've never had to deal with one of these before, no idea how to set it up and use it. Help?

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What was everyone’s favorite childhood stuffed animal named

Mine was a bear named Mr. Bear

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Warden is a gentle, wholesome male-male romance in a fantasy setting that doesn’t delve into sexual detail and is light on violence.

Join Dain, a cheeky roguish ranger, and Alwyn, a quiet magic-wielding warden, as they work together to unravel a threat to the kingdom, unravelling the truth about themselves in the process. (Cheesy, I know! :P)

Blurb and purchase links here:

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@liaizon I really, deeply appreciate your original tweet. We don't need more things that grow explosively and consume all available resources and morph the world in their image. Thanks for prompting some valuable thoughts for me about human-scale tech.
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Do you listen to music?

To explain the question, I almost never listen to music, but it seems like almost everyone around me does. It seems like listening to music is just a thing people normally do.

So, I was wondering how many other people here don't listen to music.

And yes, of course there's music in some elevators or stores, movies, games and so forth, but I mean intentionally turning on some music.

Boosts OK.

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Happy Solstice everyone.

Hope you all enjoy the shortest day (northern hemisphere) or the longest (southern hemisphere) and the transition to the next cycle.

We had traded Prii with friends for the week while my parents were here, since theirs is bigger and has more pep. After taking parents to the airport, we traded back this evening and friends had left the radio tuned to the local NPR station, which was playing

"Je suis enchanté
Happy to see you
Bleibe, reste, stay
Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!"

when we turned on the car.

I missed you, too, little spaceship. ^_^ :blobcataww: :blobcatheart:

@onepict hey - I'm finally going through follow requests from aaaages ago... it may have been a hold-over from when I migrated hosting providers and re-set my account. Just wanted to let you know! ^_^

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earnest valentine's day content solicitation 

if you have good queer-centric valentine's day stories, articles, experiences, opinions, etc, would you share them with me? i'm trying to feed a very specific idea into my brain and having trouble with it; namely, i'm trying to undo my rejection of valentine's day that's based on my association with it as a gross consumerist toxic cishet norm.

(boosts okay; please do not comment just to tell me all the things that are wrong/bad about valentine's day.)

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woooo semester is over! I'm moving on to my thesis writing class in January!

But currently my parents are here - I haven't seen them in almost three years - and I love them dearly but wow they are a lot.

And husband's family are coming out for Xmas to New Years. That will be a chill visit, though, and I'm looking forward to it.

But all of this also means that I'm not hugely here. Miss y'all and I hope that you're well! 💜

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The Old Guard fanfic: IT'S DONE

It’s finally done

85k of historically-accurate First Crusade backstory for Nicolò di Genova

This should make you feel the full spectrum of human emotions

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Kellog hiring permanent non-union replacements 

#Labor: US based cereal giant Kellog will hire permanent replacement workers, as striking workers refuse contract offer. A boycott is underway

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