@amsomniac beans are probably my favorite food after chocolate

You can do almost anything with them!

Linux, computer revival/ mobile office/hardware and health 

@gannet It was more that I've lost a thing on the internet and would love to find it again!

And also to have a little more info about wear of yarns. There's precious little info about that around; most folks don't seem to do updates on Ravelry projects after they're finished.

I found a blog several years ago that I've since lost and been sad about that. It was by someone (female-presenting, I believe) who was knitting around-the-wrist swatches and wearing them for several days, to test blocking and wear and pilling and comfort.

If anyone can point me in the direction of it, I would be very grateful! I think of it often, and wish I'd bothered to bookmark it!

It's so hard to blow your nose lying on your back.

Hysterical sobbing in bed is frustrating.

LB : I already need to spend time sitting in the sunshine to have happy brainmeats, so why not combine that with actual photosynthesis? That would be rad! I could use the time I wouldn't spend cooking on something more interesting, like reading or knitting.

if solarpunk doesn't let me photosynthesise I don't want it

@pixelfed that's an interesting question. I guess the privacy of an individual post would still reign supreme? (if someone hashtags a private photo in the comments, how is that handled?)

@readytherhinos heck yeah! It's such a big change and decision! (I did a similar length twice.)

Sending ๐Ÿ’œ for loving your new style!

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