@balrogboogie haha the Miller's Tale is one of the best! Second only to the Wife of Bath's - it's soooo lewd and was both uncomfortable and hilarious to read in HS english class... especially because the teacher's son was in my class 🤣 😅

but also I totally hadn't remembered his TW on it - good point and I'm definitely bookmarking this.

@prehensile yeah I think there were a whole bunch of them. I made a friend who was very involved in political intrigue in Cybertown?? So she got me into it and that's how I learned to type hella fast 😂

We were also weird homeschooled 13 year olds who met at a community college art class and went to Ren Faire together. It was my first introduction to The Internet outside of AIM.

Was anyone here part of Cybertown in the very early 2000s? It was basically a series of chat rooms in different parts of a digital city, and if you had a good enough connection you could load the 3D part of it, too. People could make just about any avatar ythe wanted, and some even had basic movement animations.

This looks... not dissimilar, and sooooo much more boring.


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I would take this in a hot second, but I've already got a full-time gig. In a world with different outcomes, I would've been hiring this position.

So... I want an ally in there, for reasons... if any of you are available for this, and feel you could do it, I will do everything in my power to get you an advantage.

I want a townie, or a friend of the town, to be the one doing this.


Food question: 

@maloki uhhhh I think that was just my phone deciding I needed an extra word haha

but yes it does get worse the bigger they are! however Lion's Mane mushrooms are also big and don't have the same issue :blobshrug:

Food question: 

@maloki lost portobello mushrooms. I love all other kinds but there's something about their texture and water content that is just 🤢 for me

@InternetEh hooray bike times! They can be hard to make, so if you want indoor trainer recommendations let me know. 🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏼🚴🏼‍♀️

Which is heavier, water or butane? 

@noelle 🤣

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hey hey shout to eztli for like. existing and shit. pretty impressive stuff
:sparkles_pride: :tubbycoin: @glitter :tubbycoin: :sparkles_pride:

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@swiff awwww :blobcatheart: maybe I'll see you there one of these Saturdays....

@swiff riiiiiiight?

also, I miss that feel :/ I have become very soft and weak without the farm :meowevening:

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Yall, brag and rb about my print shop if you're stateside so i can buy some winter boots please


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The Biden admin has launched a phone line for Americans to order four free COVID tests per household, expanding availability to Americans who may not have internet access: 1-800-232-0233.

If you are in the USA and know people who do not have internet access or groups that work with the unhoused, please pass along the above info! :boost_requested:

#COVID19 #MutualAid

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I’d always thought theirs a menial life, eyeless and hidden,
almost vulgar—though now, it seems, they bear a pleasure
so sublime, so decadent, I want to contribute however I can,
forgetting, a moment, my place on the menu."

Feeding the Worms
by Danusha Laméris in Bonfire Opera, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2020 danushalameris.com/books.html

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