LB : war is stupid and I strongly recommend spending the day thinking about that, and how to avoid it in the future. But also, let's support the folks who have been victims of the system.

If you want to support our troops you can find out how to write to Chelsea or donate to her rent/legal fund at

@alpine_thistle there are other knots that take up more of the tie, if that would be helpful?

Some of these are really odd, but I strongly recommend the Novotny (basically a single Eldredge)

Also, that's the only site I could find quickly that didn't have a newsletter pop-up. And it seems to have a good list of names of things.

@unfitmisfit ? :p

That's an awesome find! Reminds me that I should go look for more tea cups for my little houseplants. ^_^

@popstar The last salon I went to, the bleach came it really uneven and just not enough color was removed. So the dye was ok for a week or two but faded fast, and even dye+conditioner isn't making any difference. I maintained my last green quite nicely that way.

I've been thinking about doing it myself next time, though I'm still on the hunt for clippers to cut it first. I'll look up both of those options; I know I can get the Garnier Fructis locally. Thanks! πŸ’œ

@popstar what brand are you using? I've had a hard time bleaching and dying my dark brown hair. I was going for green instead of pink, but still.

@swirlz I'm singing this to the tune of "this little light of mine" but can't come up with a good next line

#Introduction #India
Hi #fediverse, I'm an illustrator and graphic designer based out of New Delhi. Through editorial illustration, fiction and non-fiction comics I look at intersections of visual design + research with contemporary politics, social and human rights issues.

I also make political comics compiled under #politricks on most social media platforms. Links where they're supposed to be if you're interested :)

@popstar ooh I should look for candles on sale. But the LED ones sound safer for California... and different colors sounds Excellent.

A photo of KJ, no ec 

@jacethechicken this is very me today, and I was thinking about listening to the radio show again ^_^

anything: [happens on a Thursday]

me: this must be Thursdays,, I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

like we can't just ignore the historical and contemporary context of the event and frame it in some anti tyranny historical revisionism. the plot was to topple Protestantism and force the counter reformation, they would gladly have then massacred working class people for some bullshit slap fight to do so. like, we gotta consider what we enshrine and idealise here

the gunpowder plot was as 'revolutionary' as Mary I of England

It doesn't matter if you're crying, don't feel like it, messy, exhausted or whatever. Just commit to showing up for yourself.

You're worth the effort. Promise.

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