self-interested tangent 

@Rheall ah I was thinking of the services like but for hometown. I know there are some but I can't find the list anymore - they run the whole service for you.

But I'm not sure how that would work for a migration! If spacebear have done a few already, that seems like the best option. ^_^

@erinbee Do you know about Sugru?

Some hardware stores carry it, tho maybe not in the color you'd want, if you need it sooner than an online order. It's got the consistency of playdoh and works really well for things that need to flex a bit!

@haloedrain this is gorgeous! It's a kaleidoscope of purple - like looking a a sunset 🌅💜

aging, stiffness 

@oya drink more water is always a good option!

I also try to do this routine most mornings and have found that it helps massively- even more so than the yoga I did for like a decade :

too many emojos 

@platypus 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜

all of what y'all are going through sounds so hard and I'm thinking of you with gentleness

💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜

today's rotation was

My Girl
Gangnam Style

I think it's just a Classics station on Spotify 😅

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postal service woes, international parcels 

@TQ @distel this exactly - I worked shipping-adjacent for a while and this is 1000% the problem. Because of online retailers offering free shipping, we've all gotten used to it. All it means is that the true cost of shipping has been rolled into the cost of the items instead, and we don't know shipping costs anymore.
When we do see them, they're shocking. Intnl also has to make a deal with the USPS to deliver here, too, adding other costs.

self-interested tangent 

@Rheall are you looking at managed hosting or doing it yourself? because I'm def interested in switching to a managed Hometown instead of Masto but my instance is just me.

objectification, star trek: snw 

@Are0h @c0debabe oh shit you're so right

@swirlz but you're right that Tilly and Saru are *perfection* :moomin_sparkles:

@swirlz interesting. I found the pacing to not work for me at all

Strange New Worlds is definitely closer to what I want tho the technobabble is getting out of hand...

@mooncake hey I followed you on and just noticed you've moved to a new server ^_^

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I originally shared these on play vicious!

Way back then I also shared the original #BIPOC #Pride flag! Designed by a fellow queer of color!

Here's the link to the original designer of it! (via wayback, because at least tumblr seems to not be live anymore):

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@Byte it is! I just wasn't quite ready for a tinny version of it playing over the yelling of a group of small children at, y'know, 8:30am :blobcatcomfcool:

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