@liaizon Mine are mostly text rather than art, which is an interesting realization...


And lastly @protocol is a person who uses a robot to draw really beautiful art - does that count? hahaha

@kaerhon @anaisfae oooo this looks like a fun thing to try as a warm-up to get back into painting ty! 🖋🖌

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@puf I dunno.... EEBY DEEBY could be a good time!

@puf possibly related?

(found on Tumblr)

(I've been laughing about it for days now)

@t54r4n1 "that's what the receiving partner said"


"said the bishop to the queen" if you wanna be fancy / pretentious

@InternetEh thanks for the reminder about SOPHIE! and Kim Petras sounds familiar.... will have to look them up.

But also, I can't see what saffronishere wrote so if there are other recs plz let me know! 💜

@garbados so what is this two ton seal doing here? ... see a LION? gosh no I don't see any lions here, I didn't think they liked boats. ... True, yeah, I've seen pictures of tigers swimming but they don't look happy about it. And there's all those gifs of cats and bathtubs.

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i am the gatekeeper. i keep the gate open. see the sign? must remain open at all times. easy job

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got my sample prints in today, so there's a few of these listed on my etsy rn. they're 5x7 and printed on glossy photo paper. free shipping. #LeftistArt #collage #art #etsy :boost_ok:


LB : I know I have some mutuals on kolektiva.social so this serves as a warning that, if you didn't know, you might want to look at finding a server that isn't home to terrible people some time soon. In addition to putting pressure on the admins to actually moderate their instance.

And also as a note that I will not be accepting any further follow requests from that server, and will likely be blocking it in the future.

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Hey if I have any followers from kolektiva.social, you should really be putting pressure on your admins to handle pedophilia apologetics on your instance. This shit is unacceptable

@nein09 :moomin_sparkles: that is super exciting and I can't wait to hear about what y'all do!

@distel @raye agreed! Even the dull wrinkly ones have a certain appeal, tho it's very different from what compels me to pick them up.

In the UK, there's a saying that if you put them in the corners of your windows they help keep spiders out over the winter.

@sugar omg I'm so sorry I dropped the ball on this, but mostly coming to add +1 to arriving early (two hours before your posted departure time is a good ballpark), going through security with plenty of time to not stress hugely about it, and packing snacks.

Also pack your suitcases in a way that TSA can easily rummage around and close them again without difficulty or breaking things.

food, ableist joke 

@ljwrites hahahahahaha both?

(also that it was the first emoji that my phone suggested)

food, ableist joke 

@ljwrites 💜💜💜 one for each of you, from this nut 🌰

food, ableist joke 

@ljwrites it's not you, tater, and partner?

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