Never talk to cops

Courtesy of @Taweret (now with full alt-text courtesy of @pixouls)

I've had several tattoo ideas over the years but this is the first time I've actually thought about a sleeve. These are all plants that are important to me from places I've lived.

I threw this idea together in about an hour from stock images after two nights of thinking about it.

This would be my left arm, starting with the maple leaf on my shoulder blade. The willow branch would wrap around to the front and start a spiral down my arm to leave room for more in the future.

I have only just learned about GOOTS and wanted to make sure that fedi was also aware

(it's an AI generated image, but it's just a roumd goose)

(past) family death 

My grandfather, my Jidoo, would have been 100 years old today. I had olives with my lunch and a tot of whiskey after dinner in his memory, as if I didn't think of him and Sithoo every day anyway.

Relaxing at the beach with the fam after graduation ^_^

(it's a NorCal beach so the water is freezing and there's barely any sunshine coming through the fog but it's still the beach and I will always love it)

(NB : my bare feets are in this photo but I think I've cropped them out of the preview)

is looking particularly nice with the powdered sugar clouds in cozy blue

Heading out on a group bike ride in San José today! We're gonna see some public art and hear about its history and cultural significance from a fellow student.

More info :

It bloomed!!!! I've had a small cutting of this cactus for over two years now, and only this spring did it finally start growing. There's also another bud that may open in the next few days.

Cat sitting again for this beautiful muffin and her beautiful ear tufties

oh hey it's a I did of @Aleums's first album ages and ages ago

you should give it a listen along with his other stuff too

It's obvious that I'm thesising because I've never been a stickers-on-the-laptop person despite my extensive collection...

So here's this morning's procrasti-project! Sticker stories in image description.

Happy new year from this very happy puddle duck! 🦆 :sparkles_nb:

(And also a happy birthday to my opsec folks yesterday! 📆 )

Update on guitar progress - I'm still leaning heavily on muscle memory for this, but I'm also quite pleased with the quality of that memory!

Timecards! Timecards!

I've been at loose ends for an idea for a costume... and finally realized I have all the pieces for Boss Mabel!

I even managed to recreate the poster she made. ^_^

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Forgot to make this post yesterday...

My fleece-lined flannel is getting so much extra use that the seams are starting to pull. Inspired by @rabbithearth I've started patching it with fun scraps I have in my collection. ^_^

My sister is amazing and brought my guitar back across the country to me when she came back from visiting home. I haven't played in forever and never took lessons, but here's me not totally failing to remember the bit of Malagueña that my dad taught me.

In lighting a new moon candle this evening, I realized I hadn't shared a photo of my autumn door decoration.

and others - do you want a SCOBY? My hotel is getting full, and I think they would appreciate more use than I give them. These are for jun, which is like kombucha but with green tea and honey, instead of black tea and sugar. I think they can be adapted, tho.

Happy to mail anywhere in the continental US, or elsewhere if you know it's allowed.

Cat sitting for the neighbors again. It's too hot for more than a one-leg snuggle, but nothing will stop Peanut from falling asleep on you.

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