Well I /had/ a bicycle....

<sigh> It was a good five year run, and took me many miles. I hope the new owner enjoys the fresh chain and comfy seat. But all bicycles in the Bay Area are ultimately just rentals.


cops, not fully formed ideas 

I did report it, because we have insurance that covers our bikes but requires a police report number.

I really wish there were a way to tell the cops not to harass all the folks they see on bikes, and that I'd be happy to trade for our spare bike (if the person just needs a bike) or pay (if the person just needs money). I don't really want to involve the cops at all tbh but I /would/ like to try to get my bike back if I can.

<sigh> It's all very complicated.

mh meds (++++) 

On another note tho holy shit my meds have helped a TON

I didn't become an incoherently sobbing, stressed out mess. I was able to calmly handle the whole situation, call my husband to let him know I'd need a pickup, call to find out how to report it, take photos of the scene.... and generally not have it totally derail my whole self.

Definitely still sad/frustrated/upset about it, esp b/c I made some choices that led to it, but I'm handling it ok and I love that.

@t54r4n1 yeah but here I have really mixed feelings - it's such an important underground economy for folks who are otherwise outside the current economy

but also bikes are such an important tool for folks who have been excluded

but alsoalso I have insurance and a job with a bike stipend that I haven't used yet so honestly it's mostly just inconvenient for me

and I really liked that bike a lot

so... yeah. mixed feelings.

@bouncinglime Oh, that's a pain. =:P Still, as you say, that's sort of the circle of life for bikes in the area..

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