blerg feeling lots of things with husband gone for a) either of our first trips out of the Bay Area in three years, and b) only his second work trip in the last five.

I'm... alone... for four days. And it's making me feel some kinda way.


successfully distracted myself from feelings by having a lot of work (two project deadlines today woooo)

and also by spending yesterday co-working at a dear friend's house with her seven-month-old who is the smiliest baby ever 👶🏼

we had sparkling rosé in her husband's grandmother's crystal goblets with our feet in the green-algae pool as the sun set and baby giggled and squirmed in her lap 🥂

it was so nice ^_^

... also by staying up much later than usual two nights in a row reading spicy star wars fanfic.... >_>

@bouncinglime Oh, good grief.. that sounds absolutely blissful. ^_^

@porsupah it was so fucking good and normal and filling

I haven't seen her much because their house is way out in the boonies, but that also means it's hella quiet out there


@oya it was delicious in several ways! I'm not a big fan of babies but this is one I think I can be friends with

hoping to hang out with them more often :blobcatcouple:

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