hahaha ohh 2008-era music collection whiplash :

Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Aquarela Do Brasil - Joao Gilberto
Forty-Eight - John Renbourn
Valley of the Damned - DragonForce
The Calloway Boogie - Cab Calloway
Til The Morning Comes - Grateful Dead
All Apologies - Nirvana
Matrix ][ - The Cynic Project
Desire - Joan Jett
Mellow Tone - Carbon Leaf

I dunno but I'm starting to wonder about my senior year of college self. But I think that's a pretty good cross-section of my collection, minus classical.

and how could I forget the acapella... both college groups and professional. wow. these are some FEELS y'all.

In some ways, I'm so glad I'm not in that space anymore. But I also sometimes miss how big and important and intense everything felt, y'know?

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