let's see how bad an idea it is to while I finish up this thesis draft.....

(I'll keep my toots in this thread and unlisted)

It wouldn't be coming right at you if you weren't heading right at it....

well that was quick godzilla's already here and we didn't have to do something terrible to wake him up

very clever, using the original footage to pad out the film


omg are we gonna see clips of all the films??? yesss now I don't need to watch them.

and you know exactly how they ended by how she's talking about how they "destroyed" all these kaiju

"it could decide to destroy every one of our cities" it's almost like they haven't learned anything from the past

"I have something to show you. Something quite shocking."

yeah that underwater model footage is pretty badly spliced

oh nooooo is the plant gonna die??? I like this plant already, but any small thing that a kid cares for in these films ends up either destroyed or turned into a monster....

wait why is she a) the shortest one there and b) not wearing pants????

alc ment 

.... oh come on they couldn't come up with a better running chant?? I've heard better from drunk football hooligans

I liked her already but I like her even more now for just totally ignoring the dude and talking to the kid about her plant 🌱

woahhhhhh bodyslam!!! this is gonna be a good wrestling match across the city ^____^

nice job informing the hospitals and shelters you were turning off the power....

but also, that map of tokyo going dark was pretty excellent

"we're gonna get along just fine"

famous last words

well that was a dramatic portrait shot with the sun daaaaang

Everyone stayed for the credits, rigth? Because if you didn't you're missing the real message of the film....

... and a nice ass shot in the plastic suit

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