I've posted about this before but I can't get over how much the new metaverse stuff looks *exactly* like There.com, a 2003 game that was like Second Life but with much less customization/building and nothing to really do except stand around and talk to other bored people in khakis

Was anyone here part of Cybertown in the very early 2000s? It was basically a series of chat rooms in different parts of a digital city, and if you had a good enough connection you could load the 3D part of it, too. People could make just about any avatar ythe wanted, and some even had basic movement animations.

This looks... not dissimilar, and sooooo much more boring.


@bouncinglime I don't know that one! I thought I did but I was thinking of Active Worlds which was another y2k era virtual thing


@prehensile yeah I think there were a whole bunch of them. I made a friend who was very involved in political intrigue in Cybertown?? So she got me into it and that's how I learned to type hella fast 😂

We were also weird homeschooled 13 year olds who met at a community college art class and went to Ren Faire together. It was my first introduction to The Internet outside of AIM.

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