Food question: 

What is a food item you wish you liked? And explain why.

Food question: 

To answer my own questions:

Fish. Some fish is okay but mostly it's a texture thing or it gets stuck at the back of my throat and I cough until I throw up.

And seaweed. Often it smells / tastes "fishy" and I just can't.

Sushi I love however.. Because that fish isn't cooked and has a different texture.

Brains and sensory are weird. 😅

Food question: 

@maloki lost portobello mushrooms. I love all other kinds but there's something about their texture and water content that is just 🤢 for me


Food question: 

@maloki uhhhh I think that was just my phone deciding I needed an extra word haha

but yes it does get worse the bigger they are! however Lion's Mane mushrooms are also big and don't have the same issue :blobshrug:

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