I’m quitting my hellish job today, after repeatedly filing HR complaints and dealing with severe health issues from the stress. I don’t have a job lined up, but I have savings to last me until March while I search for work.

If you have any interest in supporting me in the meantime, I’m happy to provide nudes for $20/pop, or digital portraits like this img for $40/ea.

venmo: @ juicebat
pls just use animal emojis for payment notes, dm me on here for your donation rewards (if you want them)!


@bee good on you for taking care of you! ^_^ And I'm glad you've got some savings - it's a scary step to take at any time, so lmk what kind of Bay Area opportunities I can send your way 💜 💪

@bouncinglime literally any, bestie 💓 health education is most of my background but i’m down to try anything tbh

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