I've started the second to last semester🤞of my masters program, and I've only got two classes...

One is basically a group project internship for an awesome local org doing community outreach research.

The other is writing the first draft of my thesis.

I will be here even more sporadically than usual, so apologies in advance for slow replies or missing important stuff. Stay cool, wear a mask, be excellent to each other. 💜

woooo semester is over! I'm moving on to my thesis writing class in January!

But currently my parents are here - I haven't seen them in almost three years - and I love them dearly but wow they are a lot.

And husband's family are coming out for Xmas to New Years. That will be a chill visit, though, and I'm looking forward to it.

But all of this also means that I'm not hugely here. Miss y'all and I hope that you're well! 💜

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