Someone posted a link to an article recently (well, in the last month? I think?) about the development of selfishness / greed as a product of capitalism, rather than being an inherent "human nature" trait.

I thought I'd saved my but can't find it. :/ Anyone have the link? tia!


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@bouncinglime I am a firm believer in the relation of #hypercapitalism as a force that nurtures this trait in the wrong direction.

I recently wrote about that in a blog post "Humane Technology is based on Humanity" that I also posted to our forum:

I feel that hypercapitalism feeds a number of human traits in a vicious cycle with a net effect that it erodes #Humanity

And in that sense is a root cause to many wicked problems that often remains entirely unaddressed.

@bouncinglime this not addressing can be seen in e.g. climate change activism with "we must all change our lives in [following ways]" messages, where many, many people have hypercapitalist-fed incentives to conveniently ignore and tune out that message.

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