America in 2020. People using forged (and mis-spelled) cards from a fictitious organisation to misrepresent legislation intended to protect disabled people so they can avoid showing a basic amount of courtesy to help protect others during a pandemic.

Not only is this bullshit ableist as hell, it would literally be easier just for these people to put a damn mask on their faces.

If you're in the US and someone hands you one of these, cut it in two and throw it in the trash.

The effort that some are willing go to so they can avoid making an effort is astonishing and paradoxical. Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

@InvaderXan A collection of learned behaviors I've taken to thinking of as "toxic individuality."

@LexYeen An interesting name for it. Apt too. These people really do put themselves before anyone or anything else.

@InvaderXan "How dare you ask me to consider other people!" is a shockingly common American attitude, and I personally think it can trace its origins back to the myth of American exceptionalism.

When you're told stories from birth about how you're growing up in the Greatest Country Ever and you can Do Anything You Want, Even Be President If You're Good Enough, there's a whole bunch of very gnarly ideological failure states.

And we're seeing them all come out to play during this pandemic.


@LexYeen @InvaderXan "Toxic individuality" is a really good way to put it! I was just discussing this exact individual/collective thinking difference with a friend; we were both wondering how much Confucian teachings have influenced this thinking. And that definitions of family also differ across cultures - USian seems to be nuclear, while other cultures (incl Native American) take a wider view.

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@bouncinglime @LexYeen Oh, interesting. Yes, I do wonder what cultural influences caused these things. Western culture has aggressively taken over the world, but it's so different to many other cultures.

I don't know so much about definitions of family across different cultures, but I'd imagine the variation must be considerable!

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