thinking of writing a 'how to adult' book to explain all the day-to-day shit that's never taught:

- who cleans the toilet cleaner (spoiler: you)
- what the fuck do you do with an old mattress
- bugs: when are they a problem and when are they chill?
- lifehack: a co-working space with a better movie selection than netflix, no membership fee, and professional researchers on location, all for FREE (a millennial re-discovers libraries)
- turning strangers into friends

any other ideas people have?

- the benefits of becoming 'a regular
- you shouldn't need google maps when in your home city/town. here's how to do that
- my parents always had food in the fridge, but mine is always empty. am i doing something wrong?

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@paranoid related to the last - how do I food in general

- wtf are taxes
- even if it's not a checkbook anymore, you still need to keep some sort of eye on your expenses
- what do I do in the evening besides Netflix and mastodon
- knife sharpening

Knife sharpening! I just learned that. Do worth it and I was always worried I'd "mess up my knife" the lesson learned is you're not going to make a dull knife MORE shitty. You're already at rock bottle, only place to go is up


@paranoid and it doesn't have to be fancy! Just how to use a steel. If folks are interested in hone stones, there's a wealth of info online.

Another addition - why do a lot of people have little squeegees in the shower?

And - simple tips to make dish washing less onerous.

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