No one:

Me: “They sure consume a lot of dairy in the Redwall series. WHO ARE THEY MILKING?!?”


@RobinHood @naga I was just re-re-re-listening to the full cast of Redwall while helping my sister recover from eye surgery... They specifically eat goat cheese! But! There! Are! No! Goats!

Cluny had a cart horse, but that may be the only one in the series?

And also, how did I miss this as a precocious, pedantic kid??

@bouncinglime @RobinHood @naga IIRC, the first book was just kind of weird … like, wasn’t that the one where there was a full-scale real-ass farmhouse with full-scale cows and such that was implied to have been built by real-ass humans?

Afterwards Mr. Brain Jack just kind of avoided all those questions and never brought up stuff like “goat cheese” ever again.

@SenorOblong @RobinHood @naga

I don't think there were cows? But there was definitely a church with iron railings. Which isn't too out of keeping with the scale of buildings; Redwall itself is an abbey.

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