Now that I've got my accout up and running, I'm going to try to post my there - here's the first one :

What I can't find is a way to add alt-text to photos there, so I'm just using that for the caption. ^_^

@bouncinglime Followed! Thanks for the heads-up. Your first picture is gorgeous — whereabouts is that?

@stjohn aw thanks! It's just down the road from us in Livermore. Much more compelling in person, and I feel like the photo doesn't do it justice. More to come soon, for sure!

@stjohn hmmm my account isn't showing you as one of my followers... unless you're Eldan?

@bouncinglime Weird — do you have to approve followers? I can try again.

@stjohn I still can't find you on pixelfed. Or did you just follow from here?

@bouncinglime I followed from here, but this account should still show up in your followers on Pixelfed. I can give it another try, maybe Pixelfed's integration isn't working quite right.
@bouncinglime Ah, hold up, it looks like Pixelfed's federation wasn't working until recently:

I'm not sure what version your instance needs to be on for me to follow you, but don't worry, we'll make it happen!

@stjohn oh! I think our admin updated recently, so maybe try again? I'm also probably gonna manually cross-post links until I find a way to do that better.

@stjohn mostly wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on your PixelFed!

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