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Oh yeah I've been posting over on PixelFed but forgot here... I'm doing prompts on postcards!

Do you want a piece of ? Comment on the one you like best, and I'll DM you for your address to send it along! Each piece will be available for a week before I choose a random name from my contacts to send it to.

Also available on Instagram :

I'll post here going forward, too. ^_^

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Beans, beans, the musical beans
The more you beans, the more you beans
And the more you beans, the better you beans
So let's beans beans with every beans!

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If anyone is interested in digital access, I am happy to trade login info with you! I have at and to offer...

(it does reveal email address for hold notifications, but I'm ok with that if you are)

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Support small seed companies! :boost_requested: 

Here's a list of "tiny seed companies that support social justice causes, sustainability in farming and gardening, and/ or saving your own seed":

posting this big list of black-owned goth brands again because i keep continually coming back to it and it's such a good resource:

I don't think people realize why its important to remove white supremacists from your board/forum/web community.

- They are extremely motivated.
- They have a tradition of recruiting via meme(in the classic sense).
- They have centuries of effective propaganda.
- They will take over. Slowly at first then suddenly.
- They will always create more moderation work for you. They will never stop pushing.

Every society struggles with this. And it's not some conspiracy.

@WanderingBeekeeper I thought I'd been following you, but apparently not... I've been eyeing your chain maille for a while, and just realized I have a potential small commission!

Our cast iron pots could use a good scrubbing and apparently these are the way to go :

Do you have loops that would be appropriate for something like that? And how much would it be? (I'm assuming at least $40 if they're on Amazon for $20.)

tyvm for considering! πŸ’œ

Let's make a thread of texts to radicalize the anarcho-curious in our lives. Please reply to this post with books, zines, articles, or videos. Bonus points for direct links and texts with accessible language.

(Please boost!)

A dear and valued friend of mine said recently that American evangelical christians are basically successfully manifesting their vision of the apocalypse and forcing everyone else on the planet to live in it and I can’t stop thinking about it

None of these fucks are gonna get arrested or go to jail. They're just gonna go home. I hate this.

Fellow artists, do you also sell work on Etsy? Did you know they can now without your permission automatically take a 15% cut of any sale you make claiming β€œadvertising fees”? πŸ€‘ You may be eligible to opt out even tho no one consented to opt in. Google β€œEtsy offsite ads” to learn more to protect yourself. I didn’t know until it happened to me today. These are screenshots from my experience. #art #etsy


It's London and you're half myth half woman walking towards the expectations of your mother, she's already sewn a name and a burden into your mouth and the decisions to excecute her plan for you lies squirming at your feet. Thread carefully but with confidence.

#poetry #hypertext #corvusrobotica

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i reformatted a zine i made earlier this year to post it as a thread.

i was frustrated with the language used to describe gender and how limiting it is as a nonbinary/genderqueer person to use language centered around the gender binary. this is what sprung from that frustration:

#zine #trans #gender #queer #nonbinary #genderqueer

Poverty. Religion. Everything going on. Please read if you are desperate. 

OK. ProTip.

The Mormon welfare system is accessible to non-Mormons and in fact most of the time they are enthusiastic about helping you out.

They shouldn't try to talk religion to you but you will have to tolerate some religion, clearly.

Here's how it works. You go to visit with the Bishop or somebody similar. They will have you fill out a form to request what you need. This can bed rent, food, clothing, etc.

More polls for NON-DISABLED and NEUROTYPICAL folks only!

Which phrase below is okay to use to describe disabled people?

More polls for NON-DISABLED and NEUROTYPICAL folks only!

What language is preferred by disabled communities, identity-first or person-first?

ex. identify-first: Autistic person, disabled person
ex. person-first: person with Autism, person with a disability

Polls for NON-DISABLED and NEUROTYPICAL folks only:

Does the federal minimum wage in the United States apply to all disabled and neurodivergent people?

Polls for NON-DISABLED and NEUROTYPICAL folks only:

Do disabled and neurodivergent people have marriage equality in the United States?

Polls for NON-DISABLED and NEUROTYPICAL folks only:

Is Autism Speaks a good source of information on the Autistic community?

Polls for NON-DISABLED and NEUROTYPICAL folks only:

Is self-diagnosis valid? (Meaning, is an official diagnosis required before someone can self-identify as disabled or neurodivergent?)

Polls for NON-DISABLED and NEUROTYPICAL folks only:

How many disabled and/or neurodivergent friends do you have, online or in-person?

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Polls for NON-DISABLED and NEUROTYPICAL folks only:

When was the last time you used the r-slur?

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