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Oh yeah I've been posting over on PixelFed but forgot here... I'm doing prompts on postcards!

Do you want a piece of ? Comment on the one you like best, and I'll DM you for your address to send it along! Each piece will be available for a week before I choose a random name from my contacts to send it to.

Also available on Instagram :

I'll post here going forward, too. ^_^

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Beans, beans, the musical beans
The more you beans, the more you beans
And the more you beans, the better you beans
So let's beans beans with every beans!

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If anyone is interested in digital access, I am happy to trade login info with you! I have at and to offer...

(it does reveal email address for hold notifications, but I'm ok with that if you are)

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Kickstarter: "Classics... but make it gay" art book 

Do you need more gay art books in your house?

"Classics... but make it gay." Now on Kickstarter.

Successfully funded in two hours. It is happening.

"Our goal is to create an art book full of famous works of art you probably recognize, but we're making them gay, trans, and POC inclusive!"

I volunteer as 'IT person' for a museum in its early days, ( - @EICAS).

I would love to connect with other "museum people" and "museum IT people", here and elsewhere.

Any boosts/recommendations welcome!

Another job that could be cool if you like bikes, live in Oakland, and don't want to work more than 15 hours per week


Saw the news that Tesla is now accepting Bitcoin payments for cars, so I looked up some figures and did some math.

According to Tesla's own figures, a Model 3 saves 30 tons of CO2 emissions over its lifetime compared to a traditional car. A Model 3 costs 0.69-1.21 BTC. Mining one BTC results in 257 tons of CO2 emissions.

For the next time someone tells you Elon Musk is saving the planet.

oh look it's so here's an wensbie reminding you to stay hydrated

(marked sensitive for EC)

We are calling for RMS to be removed from all leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the FSF and GNU, and for the FSF board to resign. Join us.

One more push: We're trying to rescue a floor loom from NY and deliver it to an anarchist collective in NC that will use it to clothe themselves and the homeless in the area. If you've got stimulus money looking for a cause, please consider this one.

happy equinox 🌓

✔ hang new door decoration
✔ plant beans
✔ spend time looking at growing plants
⭕ open all the doors and windows
⭕ catch up on homework

The names of the Georgia shooting victims released so far:

Xiaojie Tan
Daoyou Feng
Delania Ashley Yaun Gonzalez
Julie Park
Heyeon Jeong Park

Rest in power. We will remember 🌺🌸🕯️

"The wealthiest western nations have wiped their hands clean of any responsibility to slow a pandemic they helped magnify and spread. Rich countries with 14% of the world’s population have secured 53% of the best vaccines. Almost all of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines will go to rich countries. The Moderna vaccine will go to rich countries exclusively; they are not even being offered to the poor. In fact, nine out of 10 people in poor countries may never be vaccinated at all."

It takes elite liberal skills to justify this.

Absolute support for enforcing strict moderation to support and protect marginalized prople. Yes, also if that encompasses defederating from instances that don't enforce their instance rules. Those pose kind of the basic contract for federation in the first place.

Thank you, admins and mods. Thank you for making the fediverse truly a better place than birbsite! 💖 :sparkling_trans_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart:

"It is damage without gain. This means that the US economy could in theory be scaled down by a staggering 65% from its present size while at the same time improving the lives of ordinary Americans, if income was distributed more fairly and invested in public goods."

Hey! #SolGarden is a tiny but growing support community for #ADHD, #actuallyAutistic and other neurodivergent people, self-dx or professional. It is meant to be a supportive, inviting place to discuss issues and get support specifically related to neurodivergence, or anything connected to our lives, health, interests. It centers people of color and our moderation team is composed entirely of BIPOC people.

I've had interesting discussions there on subjects ranging from #ttrpg to disclosure and accommodation in professional environments.

If you’re interested, check out our COC at and toot using #solgardeninvite which the mod team monitors.

Posted this in a reply but here it is again. How to fill out the UK 2021 census independently from your household without them being able to see

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