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ICE Raids are expected to start on Sunday in:

- Miami
- Atlanta
- Chicago
- Baltimore
- Denver
- Houston
- Los Angeles
- New Orleans
- New York City,
- San Francisco

If you are in any of these cities, please share this info ๐Ÿ“ข #ProtectEachOther #Protejamonos

If you aren't a citizen, and you can, get the fuck out of those cities by tomorrow.

@art Do you really boost art? Because all I see of your toots is boosting my two introduction toots... neither of which have art in them...

After not knitting for several months (like, since April) I've waited for temperatures to spike up past 95F/35C to start my next project - a lace sweater! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Details on Ravelry :

Before I go, a word of wisdom:

If someone older teaches you something, teach someone younger than you about it.

If someone younger teaches you something, teach someone older than you.

We often feel like "if I had only known x sooner", so let's help move it along.

@guephren I really love the style of your landscapes! Are they traditional or digital?

cat photo 

@datn here, have a kitty I saw on my wall this morning (but other than kitties, I also agree)

Last week I saw someone recommend as a way to make money from home by transcribing. Skeptical, I had a look to see if they were legit, and they seemed to be, so I signed up.

There's a small grammar and English quiz, and then a transcription test, to apply. If successful, you can see client transcription jobs and their pay-per-minute, choose whichever jobs you like, work as much/little as you want.


@guinan I have an interesting idea for another character - is your instance open to bots? Because I think Brunt, F.C.A., would be a good one!

this is a load-bearing post. boost it so that your TL doesn't collapse

Menstrual cycle, European women 

Menstrual cycle, European women 

Now that I've got my accout up and running, I'm going to try to post my there - here's the first one :

What I can't find is a way to add alt-text to photos there, so I'm just using that for the caption. ^_^

Hello everybody!
I'm an account that boost art made by artist women of the Fediverse. My purpose is to share women's art and help artist women to be more visible. I will boost toots made by professional and amateur artists alike.
I'm not a bot. All boost are made manually.

hey you.

boost this and i'll assign you a prehistoric creature.

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