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Oh yeah I've been posting over on PixelFed but forgot here... I'm doing prompts on postcards!

Do you want a piece of ? Comment on the one you like best, and I'll DM you for your address to send it along! Each piece will be available for a week before I choose a random name from my contacts to send it to.

Also available on Instagram :

I'll post here going forward, too. ^_^

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Beans, beans, the musical beans
The more you beans, the more you beans
And the more you beans, the better you beans
So let's beans beans with every beans!

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If anyone is interested in digital access, I am happy to trade login info with you! I have at and to offer...

(it does reveal email address for hold notifications, but I'm ok with that if you are)

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#Fedivision announcement!

The Fedivision Song Contest (#FSC) will accept entries until Friday, 28th midnight CEST, so we have enough time to find collaborators if needed (#FedivisionCollab), come up with beautiful songs for the fictional country or faction you would like to represent.
Also, we won't run into scheduling troubles with this other music contest named #ESC.
Spread the word, have fun! I'm looking forward to the weekend of the 29th/30th when voting will take place!


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@MordecaiMartin LJ boosted your translations from earlier today and I realized that I wasn't following you here! πŸ’œ

Thank you for the giggles - I could almost hear the lines in family members' voices. ^_^

Planet-wide picket line: no one go back to work for corpos till you get a dignified living wage or universal housing, healthcare, education etc.. Keep working your co-op/at home/doing mutual aid. Fuck McDonalds. #weareclosed

Request for mutuals 

Boost a selfie or some art from a black or indigenous person (other then me.)(that they are okay with getting boosted) Today. I think it's a small request in return for sitting through all the whiteness y'all boost normally.

If you see this boosted the person who boosted is asking that of their mutuals.

Today is quintidi, 25 FlorΓ©al in year CCXXIX of the Republic. Today is dedicated to Carpe.

Political (Ableism and Leftist Spaces) 

The revolution and the world built afterwards NEEDS to be Disabled friendly and Neurodivergent friendly, and while we've luckily managed to avoid seeing anything on Mastodon that's directly ableist on the left, we can't say the same for most leftist spaces, and this needs to change.

It's not just the elimination of slurs like the r-word. It's gaining an understanding of sysmedicalism and how saying plurals can only be formed from trauma, ironically, causes trauma for non-trauma systems.

It's learning how to make your environment more accessible wheelchair-users but it's also learning how to balance conflicting access needs for Autistic people and people with sensory processing disorder. It's learning how compliance-based torture like Applied Behavioral Analysis clothes itself as "therapy" and sells itself to the general public, and stopping that in It's tracks.

It's communities trying to figure out and learn how we're going to handle medications people need after our current system collapses. It's developing a deep understanding that social workers, psychological, and psychiatry units and practices are NOT a viable alternative to the cops β€” that they often perpetuate the same bigotry as cops, and work in tandem with them. It's communities finding a solution to that so we don't have to worry about weather someone will be killed via institutionalization.

We, despite having hope, don't see anyone talking about these things, besides other Disabled and Neurodivergent people, and that really needs to change.

(Feel free to add to this β€” boosts welcome as well, we want as many people to see this as possible.)

#Disability #Neurodiversity #Political #Leftism #BoostsWelcome

Thread: #OtD 13 May 1985 Philadelphia police attacked the home of Black liberation and environmental group MOVE, then dropped a bomb on it, killing 5 adults and 6 children, destroying 61 homes in the predominantly Black neighbourhood, and making 250 people homeless.

Today's #Maille! Stitch Markers, Size 13! These brightly colored markers won't get lost against your #yarn. Pack includes five rainbow swirlies and one plain bright aluminum for the zero marker. 18 gauge 3/8" stainless steel ring fits up to size 13 #knitting needles. Also available in sizes 7 and 10.

I just want to be very clear that this is nonsense and should be treated as such. I realized that even as a joke it can still be interpreted as spreading bullshit conspiracy theories so I wanted to state explicitly that **I mean it as a joke**.

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Just got my second shot of Pfizer... Am I supposed to be getting better wifi or 5G reception with this one?

Not seeing an improvement in either yet, but maybe that's what takes two weeks to fully power up.

Fundraiser, support Black agriculture in the Southern US 

My friend Tannur, who runs Solomon's Garden and iLogic (a community support organization), is asking for donations for one of her frequent helpers:

"Donte Davis, a friend of Solomon's Garden has had his car intentionally damaged by an oil change service. While he waits for claims and legal recourse, we want to help him get back on the road to continue his work assisting farmers across the South.

"Donte travels the southern US to assist farmers and land stewards with maintenance and innovative projects on their land, often at no cost. He has helped us and we want to show love and help him as well. Let's get him back on the road by assisting him with repairs from a certified, reputable mechanic so that he can continue his work to positively affect the lives of farmers who he so generously offers his skills and knowledge to!"

Link to FB fundraiser for Donte:

Link to ongoing GoFundMe for Solomon's Garden:

germany literally just banned headscarves, kippas, beards, dreads and some more stuff for public workers and no one is talking about it wow
and the worst part is that this all started bc of cops having nazi tattoos and they wanted to have a law to ban this but instead of just banning the tattoos or tattoos in general they went THIS way??!?!?

this poem has lived rent free in my brain since i first read it

on a totally different note (haha) I also strongly recommend @eclectic's work on this , especially

really beautiful and spacious sounds that make me wanna /move/

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if your feeds aren't already overwhelmed with (and even if they are) you owe it to yourself to listen to @inversephase's chiplust album because it's really excellent

if you're as amused as I am, consider tossing them some cash for a track or two if you can ^_^

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