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If anyone is interested in digital access, I am happy to trade login info with you! I have at and to offer...

(it does reveal email address for hold notifications, but I'm ok with that if you are)

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CLOSED FOREVER by @signalstation is a mini-RPG in about roadside attractions and failure in convenient brochure form.

You are: the owner of a roadside attraction in late-20th cen. USA. (Like a fiberglass dinosaur or something.)

You are: in over your head. But you have a plan.

Pay-what-you-want here:

If anyone is interested in digital access, I am happy to trade login info with you! I have at and to offer...

(it does reveal email address for hold notifications, but I'm ok with that if you are)

Really struggling to find peers (not-retired, no kids) in the area. I don't suppose there's anyone else here who lives nearby? and are also acceptable! :p Please share; friends of friends, and folks not on Masto also welcome. ^_^

@InvaderXan i view it more as there is no such thing as white culture, but cultures of societies that have retroactively been granted whiteness. basically, white culture is simply an extension of colonialism

🧠 Small brain: White people don't have any culture

🧠 Normal brain: White people once had culture but have forgotten it after generations of underappreciation and devaluation

🧠 Sparkly brain: White people's actual culture has been devastated by capitalism and greed, due to the constant need to market and sell disposable commodities and "luxury" items which no one really wants or needs, leaving an empty husk of what that culture once was

🧠 Galaxy brain: Modern white culture is capialism

@stjohn this seems extremely relevant to several of your interests

(aka I read this and thought of you but also why is there no emoji for clay tablets)

ugh everyone on bart and in my office is suddenly sniffling and sneezing. :/ Send me your best and favorite work-appropriate preventative measures to avoid getting a cold!

I've got a water bottle, and am drinking as much as I can hold. Also just picked up zinc candies, washing hands obsessively, and wiped everything with hand sanitizer. (I don't like using it much, but this seems like the appropriate application.)

Any and all suggestions welcome! Thanks! 😷

Pretty sure I got the recommendation for _Servant of the Underworld_ by Ailette de Bodard from - strongly recommend! A fun murder mystery and tangling with the gods, set in pre-invasion Aztec society.

My only hesitation is that all of the magic is blood-based; not all of it requires death of the giver, but I also have a memory of someone saying that aspect of Aztec worship is a colonialist exaggeration. I'd be curious to know how it holds up for folks of that heritage.

I can't tell if the two people having a picnic on the other side of the tree are on a first date, new coworkers, new friends, or having a therapy session.

Am I expecting too much from folks I don't interact with outside of break times? Is it too soon to tell that they give zero shits about temp workers?

I've worked in this awful office basement for two and a half weeks. My purple hair has been fading the whole time, to the point that my ends were blond. Granted, I don't see a lot of other coworkers, but there are several who I see daily. I re-dyed two days ago; it's now a rich, deep eggplant.

The only comment I got was from a random lady on the street as I was walking to bart at the end of the day. >_<

ICE, USPol, Immigration & Refugees, Naming & Shaming ICE Contractors 

There's no psychiatric condition to explain white supremacy. There's no inherent essence to a neo-Nazi. These are just people in your office, your dorm hall, your neighborhood.

This is oppressors stealing the language of the oppressed to create a false equivocation between two populations: one with institutional power and one without (or at least less).

The pro-white narrative is one of a dying race/culture trying to survive.

But what is this culture?

@datn just so you're aware that it is possible to opt out :

Seems worth just sending the message to this person that opt-out is not how fedi is happy.

You're not useless, that's just internalised capitalism trying to trick you into being exploited.

hi i’m bored so i’m gonna do a spontaneous giveaway bc i can 😜

ONE (1) winner will get their choice of one of my pins in my shop (

1 - boost this toot
2 - u don’t have to be following me to enter (tho making friends is fun 🖤)
3 - i’m gonna need ur address to send u the pin, anywhere in the world is ok
4 - that’s it!

i’ll draw a winner at random this weekend, good luck! 🍀

I found a blog several years ago that I've since lost and been sad about that. It was by someone (female-presenting, I believe) who was knitting around-the-wrist swatches and wearing them for several days, to test blocking and wear and pilling and comfort.

If anyone can point me in the direction of it, I would be very grateful! I think of it often, and wish I'd bothered to bookmark it!

It's so hard to blow your nose lying on your back.

Hysterical sobbing in bed is frustrating.

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