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I've started the second to last semester🤞of my masters program, and I've only got two classes...

One is basically a group project internship for an awesome local org doing community outreach research.

The other is writing the first draft of my thesis.

I will be here even more sporadically than usual, so apologies in advance for slow replies or missing important stuff. Stay cool, wear a mask, be excellent to each other. 💜

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If you pardon, we will mend 🙏🏻
And, as I'm an honest Puck :moomin_hmm:
If we have unearned luck :fingerguns:
Now to 'scape the serpent's tongue :yell2:
We will make amends ere long :lemon_dog:
Else the Puck a liar call :moomin_mad:
So, good night unto you all :space:
Give me your hands, if we be friends :blobaww:
And Robin shall restore amends :snufkin_aww:

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omg :blob_cat_heart: :blob_cat_aww: climate +++++ 

"Australia's Great Barrier Reef is spawning in an explosion of colour as the World Heritage-listed natural wonder recovers from life-threatening coral bleaching episodes."

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They dropped the James Webb Space Telescope. =:P Sounds like they're hoping to proceed with only a few days' delay in launch date, from Dec 18 to "at least" Dec 22.

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The world’s largest drug survey wants to know how you get high and why. You can fill out the Global Drug Survey now online—all answers are anonymous and encrypted.

The survey is available in 10 languages, and last year it reached people in 25 countries.

#drugs #survey :boost_requested:

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"New molecules were discovered during the project [examining the antidiabetic activities of Cree medicinal plants]. Our research group sat down with community members and together discussed the meaning and implications of patenting and other avenues. Cree people felt that patenting was culturally inappropriate and, in the spirit of helping as many diabetics as possible, indicated that a publication would be best, which the team did. Through that publication, and in respect to the Awashish family that was very supportive of the project and also in memory of the late Sam Awashish, the new molecule received their name, awashishnic acid."

- Partnering with Indigenous communities requires a respectful and ethical approach,

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So if someone wanted to buy a cool new custom cane from a rad as heck queer disabled person, where might they look?

No reason. Asking for a friend. (Boosts welcome)

food poll 

ok well clearly I should have made an option for "I don't eat cold leftovers" because that was a surprisingly common response! (You're missing out, tho.)

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iron deficiency! 


We culturally think of periods as something that robs the body of iron, but no. Your body doesn't make a plush endometrium unless it has resources to spare (or if it does start robbing your liver for it, that's a pathology).

I've mentioned my light periods to my doctor, and to friends, no one suggested looking that gift horse in the mouth.

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Taking the lead from a friend in another channel and lighting a candle for Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum, and their loved ones today. 🕯️

And probably staying off the socials for the rest of the day, too. Stay safe out there, friends. And if you need me my DMs are open.

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What the Clyde said, after COP26 (poem) 

What the Clyde said, after COP26
Kathleen Jamie

I keep the heid. I’m cool.
If asked - but you never ask -
I’d answer in tongues
hinting of linns, of Leven,
Nethan, Kelvin, Cart -
but neutral, balancing
both banks equally as I flow...

Do I judge? I mind the hammer-swing,
the welders’ flash, the heavy
steel-built hulls I bore downstream
from my city, and maybe
I was a blether-skite then,
a wee bit full of myself,
when we seemed gey near unstoppable...

But how can I stomach any more
of these storm rains? How can I
slip quietly away to meet my lover,
the wide-armed Ocean, knowing
I’m a poisoned chalice
she must drain, drinking
everything you chuck away...

So these days, I’m a listener, aye.
Think of me as a long level
liquid ear gliding slowly by.
I heard the world’s words,
the pleas of peoples born
where my ships once sailed,
I heard the beautiful promises...

and, sure, I’m a river,
but I can take a side.
From this day, I’d rather keep afloat,
like wee folded paper boats,
the hopes of the young folk
chanting at my bank,
fear in their spring-bright eyes

so hear this:
fail them, and I will rise.

food poll 

Best cold leftovers? :boost_requested:

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Wet’suwet’en people enforcing a badass blockade against Coastal Gaslink in central B.C.:

> Yesterday, we took our land back.

> With our Haudenosaunee allies, we enforced our ancient trespass laws and have permanently closed access to our territory. The Morice Forest Service Road has been destroyed and access to Coastal Gaslink is no longer possible.

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The longest lunar eclipse in centuries will happen this week.

The “nearly total” lunar eclipse is expected overnight Thursday, Nov. 18, to Friday, Nov. 19. The eclipse will last 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds, making it the longest in centuries.

For U.S. East Coast observers, the partial eclipse begins a little after 2 a.m., reaching its maximum at 4 in the morning, for observers on the West Coast, that translates to beginning just after 11 p.m., with a maximum at 1 a.m.

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cis person gender stuff, I guess 

I want someone to teach soft skills in the context of, "here's how to actually be a good collaborator", and "here's how not to be a dick to the women in your workplace"

bc, like

it is needed

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cis person gender stuff, I guess 

"soft skills" get taught in the context of "networking" and "finding a job", and then it's like they just assume that you won't be a total bag of dicks and get fired, but I have worked with SO MANY GODAWFUL MEN, I am OVER IT.

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cis person gender stuff, I guess 


City of Oakland opportunity - cultural strategists 

Oakland residents only but...

"The Cultural Strategist-in-Government Program will place Oakland-based artists and cultural workers as practitioners in City departments to infuse City problem-solving with new perspectives and creative thinking from communities historically under-represented in the City’s policy-making staff."

Info session on Thu 18 Nov noon - 1pm Pacific. RSVP to for Zoom link.

I have mixed feelings.

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Earlier this week, I learned about 12ft Ladder, a website that allows you to read web articles ordinarily blocked by a paywall.

"Show me a 10 ft wall, I'll show you a 12 ft ladder."

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"when I privately brought my concerns to @blackcatlitmag
about their unethical business practices of asking designers to pay for the chance to do work for them, I was told I was being withdrawn from @solarpunklitmag
which is edited by the same person."

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One Last Call To Makers Of Collage! 


I've successfully whittled down many, many boxes of old magazine clippings and booklets over the last year or so. In large part thanks to artsy types on here who took many of them off my hands.

Is there anyone left out there who'd still like a box shipped to them, gratis?

DM me & we'll set it up. (Yes, if you're outside the U.S., we can still try it. I can check postal rates & then get back to you if they're not fatally high.)

Boosts welcome.

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the primary consideration for public transit funding should be private transit

if one wants their own private transit, they must subsidize public transit

tax cars, tax gas

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